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I Wouldn’t Try This Frankenstein Food Creation? What About You?

by joeheg

There have been plenty of strange food combinations that have been introduced over the years. Some of them sound weird but are actually delicious, like strawberries and balsamic vinegar or chocolate-covered potato chips. Others evoke a love it or hate it response like peanut butter and pickles or mango with chili [Note from Sharon: Ew.].

No matter what you think of those, a Florida restaurant chain is serving a combination for a single day that sounds absolutely disgusting.

The restaurant chain PDQ (short for People Dedicated to Quality) has about 50 locations in Florida (and some in other states). Up until now, they were the place where I could get a decent chicken sandwich without a side of anti-gay contributions. Now that there’s a third fried chicken chain that serves a great sandwich, there’s no reason for me to worry about having a craving on a Sunday. But enough about chicken sandwiches – let’s get back to strange food combinations.

Monday, July 27th is National Chicken Finger day. Several restaurants are running promotions featuring chicken fingers to garner attention. PDQ has topped them all by creating what might be the most disgusting food mash-up ever. The chicken tender hand-spun shake.

If you’re wondering, it means exactly what the name implies. It’s a vanilla milkshake with an entire chicken tender blended into it.

I think this is an instance of the sum being less than a total of the parts. However, PDQ thinks it will work because “Our guests love our craveable fresh chicken tenders and our delicious hand-spun shakes.”


The shakes, which are available on Monday only, are topped with whipped cream and a cherry — with yet another chicken tender piled on top. The small size of this monstrosity is $3.99 and the regular size is $5.29.

When I posted this on my Facebook, the universal response was 🤮🤮🤮.

Except for one of my friends who can’t want to try it. I’m giving her a pass since she’s very pregnant and hormonally driven cravings can lead to wanting some crazy food combos.

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H/T: Orlando Weekly

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Christian July 27, 2020 - 12:23 pm

That sounds awful. Some things are ok on their own but terrible together like Jager and orange juice.


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