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175,000 Hilton Points Is Tempting, But There’s One Problem

by joeheg

While I’ve read about many of the great sign up bonuses for credit cards online or by referral links, occasionally Sharon or I have been targeted for special offers through mailers. That’s why I was thrilled when I received our first post-coronavirus offer in the mail, even if I didn’t jump at that particular bonus.

This week I received an offer for the Hilton Surpass card that’s too good to pass up. The targeted mailer offer was for 175,000 Hilton Honors points after spending $4,000 in eligible purchases in the first three months.

That’s 50,000 more points than the currently available public and referral sign up bonuses. I’ve not been able to find a recent mention of any offers over 150,000 points so if you receive this offer in the mail, it would be a great time to get this card if you were thinking about it.

Besides the 175,000 points, the Hilton Surpass American Express also gives automatic Hilton Gold status, which is the sweet spot of the Honors program.

I was ready to sign up for the offer but I noticed the mailer was addressed to Sharon. That’s a problem since she already has four American Express credit cards, the max you’re allowed. AMEX will not approve cardholders for a fifth card.

Here’s our current AMEX lineup (and reviews of each card):

If I’d had to drop one card, it would either be the Delta card since I have a Delta Gold Business card or the Everyday Preferred which has less use since we got the Blue Business Plus.

I didn’t want to start shaking up our AMEX cards but this offer is worth it. Hilton lets members pool points, so with the points I have from my business stays in 2019, we’d have enough for an award stay in a nice hotel where we’d get the 5th night free.

I might wait a little bit to see if I get the same offer since then I wouldn’t have to close a card to open another one. On the other hand, I’ve been procrastinating about closing either the Delta Gold or Everyday Preferred and this would be the perfect reason to get rid of a card we don’t really need.

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AmexFan July 22, 2020 - 11:35 pm

Got the offer. Had the surpass a year or two ago but cancelled, which supposedly made me ineligible for the welcome bonus. Called in and they said I was eligible. Go figure…


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