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Types Of People Who Stay At Hotels

by SharonKurheg

Joe and I have stayed at a bunch of hotels. They’ve run the gamut from fancy and swanky (like The Goldener Hirsch and St. Pancras Renaissance) to LaQuintas and Comfort Inns, and everything in between. We’re fine no matter what; as long as it’s clean, it’s all good.

Regardless of where we stay, we’re still the same ol’ Joe and Sharon and our response to staying in a hotel is the same as it’s always been, welp, pretty much our whole adult lives.

We can definitely identify ourselves in this video. Do you “see” you, as well?

There are actually a couple of others who they neglected to mention:

  • THE SENIORS – They’re the ones who call downstairs because their room is too cold and they can’t get the thermostat to go higher than 78 (they really need to read this post).
  • THE FAMILIES – This one kind of borrows from the Hoarder, Germaphobe, Brings Everything From Home and the Noisy Neighbor, assuming it’s a young family.
  • THE SHOPPERS – You see these a lot at Disney World. These are the ones who get Instacart involved and buy a 24-pack of bottled water, a 12-pack of Bud Light, a box of Nature Valley granola bars, a couple bottles of Kendall Jackson, and whatever else they can’t live without for their 5 days.
  • THE LOST SOULS – If they leave their room, they don’t know if they should make a left or a right to get to the elevator, regardless of how many nights they’ve stayed there. (this is me, by the way)

PC: Pexels

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