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It’s Time For Our Annual Travel Tradition

by joeheg

Families have their traditions. For some people, it’s meals. For others, it’s taking a picture at a certain location every year. For Sharon and I, we’ve come up with our own little tradition. Like most traditions, we didn’t plan on it becoming something we’d do every year. It was more of a fun thing we did once and then we realized we liked it. We liked putting it together and then we got to enjoy it for the upcoming year. Who knows…maybe it’s something you’d like to do too.

We make a calendar using some of the photos we’ve taken in the last year

Sure, it sounds cheesy. There’s plenty of calendars we could easily buy from a store.

There’s a Star Wars Calendar, which would be AWESOME:


A Walt Disney World Calendar (which I had for many years):


Or a Demotivator build-it-yourself calendar from Despair.com (yes, I bought this calendar for one year. It might be the time to look into getting one of these again . 🙂 )


Why go through the time and expense of making our own calendar? Several reasons:

  • It forces us to download all of our pictures from our phones to our computers
  • We get to look at all of the pictures each of us took that the other person never got to see
  • We get the chance to reflect and look back at all of the fun times we’ve had over the past year
  • We have to go look at Facebook or Instagram and find all the pictures we “know we’ve seen” but weren’t ours (such as when a friend took the picture and posted it online) and download them to our computer.

Here are a couple of months from 2020:

Great memories of our trips to Texas (Buc-ee’s, Gruene, Salt Lick and Schlitterbahn)  and flying home from San Francisco. Little did we know that that flight on Alaska would be the last time we’d step back on a plane for who knows how long.

Not all of the pictures we use are from major events like vacations. We don’t even get to use all of the pictures we picked out. However, it’s still fun to see the things that stuck out from the last twelve months.

Here’s some of our outtakes that didn’t make the calendar this year:

After getting to see them at Desert Trip, we were finally able to see the Rolling Stones in concert in 2019.

We got to visit Battu at Star Wars: Galaxy Edge during previews.

Sharon traveled to Tennesee on a private plane (without me) [Note from Sharon: DANG, I still need to write all about that, don’t I?]

And what might be the most patriotic picture of the cutest 11-year-old puppy in the world:


It’s a chore to put the calendar together each year but we have a blast doing it. Since I’ve switched to keeping our pictures in Apple’s Photos app, I needed to find a new way to print our calendar. There are several services where you can print calendars like Shutterfly, Walgreens Photo and Amazon (figure on paying $20 plus shipping for a basic 12 month calendar). I’ve switched to using Motif which is a free app you can download to your Mac.

So that’s our family tradition. You’re welcome to steal the idea. I’m sure we weren’t the first ones to think of it, anyway.

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Kelly MacKay March 26, 2018 - 2:18 pm

I have considered doing a calendar as well. I think it is a great idea. oh and I did the sound of music tour in Salzburg I loved it.


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