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Travel Companies Extended Loyalty Points, While These Places Let Points Expire

by joeheg

Almost every travel-related company did something to extend the expiration of points during the coronavirus lockdown. The duration of the extension and how programs forced IT systems to keep points active varied greatly. Wyndham Rewards extended points a little bit at a time. Hawaiian Airlines had the best system of extending member accounts. Hertz made you click on a link located in an email to keep your points, and this was before they declared bankruptcy.

If all of these companies decided to extend the life of points in their loyalty programs, which ones didn’t make any changes? Restaurant loyalty programs, that’s who.

During the shutdown, there was a huge movement to support local restaurants. Most of them don’t have a substantial operating budget and losing 50% to 75% of their revenue spelled disaster. While these small establishments tried to innovate and survive, major chain restaurants leveraged their digital platforms, offering to-go meals and extending partnerships with delivery services. They were already better positioned to weather a financial crunch through access to lines of credit from the major banks.

I guess that’s why the restaurant chains didn’t feel a need to extend rewards earned in their loyalty programs.

I realized this when I got home from work one night and Sharon decided she didn’t feel like cooking. I was understanding as she’s cooked 90% of our meals over the last 4 months. She wanted a salad and I wanted a burger, so we ordered from one of our favorite local places, BJ’s Brewhouse. Under normal circumstances, it’s our go-to late-night option. We earn enough points in the loyalty program to get $10 off every few months.

Apparently, with our last take-order in April, I earned a $10 reward. Good thing we decided to get take out again because my reward was due to expire at the end of July. BJ’s rewards are only good for 90 days after being issued.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.09.38 PM

This led me to check out our other accounts. Another of our other semi-regular locations to visit is Outback Steakhouse. Their Dine Rewards program offers up to $20 back after 3 visits in 6 months.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.07.34 PM

To show how much we’re eating out, our last visit was in February. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had steak since then, but just that the only ones we’ve had were cooked by me on the backyard grill.

Panera Bread’s MyPanera rewards usually expire after a month of earning them. Awards earned during the lockdown were no different.

The only program I’ve had no problem keeping active is Starbucks Rewards. Besides earning tons of stars during the lockdown, I’ve been receiving a constant stream of easy to obtain bonus offers over the past month.

I’d suggest looking at any dining loyalty program you used before being cooped up and make sure you don’t have any rewards sitting in your account waiting to be redeemed. Now that we’re able to go outside more, you might be able to use them even if you’re not willing to sit inside a restaurant.

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