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A Dozen Ultimate Hotel Fails (Part 3)

by SharonKurheg

Although some hotels can be amazing, others might be “meh.” The third type of hotel makes you scratch your head and say, “What the hell were they thinking?”

The latter is what this post is about 😉

About a year ago, we posted our original “A Dozen Ultimate Hotel Fails” article. It got a bunch of chuckles, so we offered Part 2 a couple of months back. And now here we are, at Part 3 of hotels with designs and decor that are just…wrong.

My room is too hot/too cold



Yeah, I don’t think that vent is working very well.

Did they write that on purpose?



I dunno, maybe it was an honest mistake. Either way, it’s funny

And speaking of pools…



This reminds me of the stuff you’ll see on this page

Honey, let’s get room service



This was apparently a $15 meal. Not really worth it.

What room number is this?



Hopefully, this was just a temporary measure, because Braille on a piece of paper won’t work when it comes to ADA compliance

Your sample text here



I could maybe…MAYBE…see this on a TV screen. But on the wallpaper behind the bed? All I have to say is lorem ipsum.

I call this one, “Poor Placement of Art”



Why did anyone ever think (A) that was attractive and (B) it should go THERE?

But I just want to wash my hands!



This setup is even more complicated than the one we discovered in this hotel

Our workout room is HUGE!



If you line all 4 walls with mirrors, you can make a 5′ x 5′ room seemingly go on forever…

Sometimes you just have to improvise



Well, I’m not using THAT toothbrush again…

Cuz if you do it carefully, you won’t get hurt



Ah, Japanglish… (although I think that might actually be Chineglish)

Hi, I’d like the Go Go Gadget room, please

Reddit.Chapssss.Go Go Gadget Arm.jpg


Someone apparently went to Poor Hotel Design school

*** Feature photo: Reddit/LegoClaes

As always, many thanks to Barb S. for the original heads up about this topic!

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