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This Question About Our Travels Almost Knocked Me Off My Feet!

by joeheg

You don’t experience profound moments every day, week, or year. It’s the rare occasion when you get asked something that knocks you off of your feet. These questions often come out of the blue, when you least expect them from the most unlikely of sources.

While you feel the gravity of the question, you might not know the answer at the moment. You might think you know but it could take something shocking, such as a global pandemic, to force you to reexamine your position.

Please forgive that this story is more profound than most of the other posts on our blog. I’m just feeling introspective and I appreciate you indulging my ramblings of this post.

We were surrounded by family after attending the funeral of my aunt. The wife of my uncle (brother of my aunt who just passed) was talking to Sharon and me as we hung around the kitchen. She had no idea we traveled as much as we did or that we had a website devoted to our exploits. We listed off the places we’d visited in the last year or two and the places we had plans to travel to. This was all pre-coronavirus, of course.

She looked right at us and asked, “Do you travel so much to see these places or are you traveling to get away from something?”


You might think that’s an awfully personal thing to ask someone you hadn’t seen in several years but remember we just buried one of our own that afternoon and at the time no question seemed to be off-limits.

Reflexively, I said that we liked traveling. We had nothing to escape from. Travel was the thing we chose to share because we both loved it and the website was a natural progression.

Ever since that day, the question sat in the back of my mind. Why do we travel so much? Are we trying to run away from something, and if so, what?

When the novel coronavirus hit and all of our travels melted into oblivion, we were at home. All the time. Do you know what I realized? I don’t need travel to be happy and neither does Sharon. We enjoy each other’s company and our dog doesn’t mind all of the time we’re spending at home, either.

Cooking breakfast in the morning and watching movies we’ve been putting off forever at night is enough. Sure we spent a weekend pretending we were in Texas by wearing our Buc-ee’s t-shirts, eating barbeque and recreating our favorite dinner from Huisache Grill in New Braunfels.


We also went to Universal for a day, the beach for the afternoon and we’re even trying to plan a socially distant trip. We’re not flying to Texas, New York, New Orleans or Japan in 2020, and we’re to going on that cruise this year, either – all of which were on the calendar before coronavirus.

Missing traveling is different from being miserable because we’re not able to travel. We understand why we’re choosing to stay home. It’s our decision.

COVID-19 forced us to confront the question about our travels. We travel because we want to see other places, not because we need to escape from where we are and for that, we are amazingly thankful.

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