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Who Broke Hawaiian Quarantine? A Cult That Believes In Nudity, Polygamy, Being Smelly & More

by SharonKurheg

As we’ve written in the past, Hawaii is taking its 14-day quarantine mandate very seriously. But several visitors don’t. So it’s gotten to the point where this is what some hotels do to ensure their guests stay in them for their full 2 weeks.

However, some tourists don’t get (or just don’t CARE to get) the hint. So they get caught breaking quarantine and are arrested.

Well, this group of recent “arrestees” has QUITE the history…

Eligio Lee Bishop was one of 21 people arrested for violating Hawaii’s orders to quarantine for 14 days after arriving on the Big Island.

Bishop, age 38, is the leader of the ‘Carbon Nation’ cult. The cult believes in nudism, polygamy and refraining from bathing. They were discovered on a beach, playing with turtles.

Yes, really.

The group had arrived in Hawaii on June 7th or 8th, and were caught playing with the turtle a couple of days later. 20 of the 21 were arrested for violating the quarantine. The 21st was arrested for breaking the state’s emergency order against vacation rentals after renting a house on her property to the group. Two women who were also members of the cult were not arrested. They had also broken their quarantine but were the caregivers of several children, age toddlers through teens, between them, so the judge let them go.

But back to the cult.

“We’re not a cult, we’re a tribe,” Bishop said in a YouTube video titled “NatureBoy’s Message To The People of Hawaii.” It had been posted on Thursday, before his arrest.

But back to the tribe.

Bishop is a former model, stripper, sex worker and barber. He’s originally from New York and he founded the cult in Honduras in 2016. He relocated from Honduras to Costa Rica in 2017 but was apparently forced to leave for migration issues. The group was then kicked out of Panama soon afterward. They were then told to leave Nicaragua in December 2019 after they were branded a ‘threat to national security,’ but then couldn’t board their flight to the U.S. because of their body odor.

Besides the beliefs in nudism, polygamy and no bathing, the cult tribe also subscribes to veganism, defecating on trees, and reportedly not allowing some women to leave their homes.

Bishop is known in the cult as ‘God’ or ‘Nature Boy’ (but he refers to himself as ‘The Messiah Demigod’ and ‘Master Chief’ on his Facebook account [which is currently closed down]). He requires all members to hand over all their money, credit cards, bank accounts, and PIN numbers to focus on worship (Sounds like a real charmer).

Anyway, the group was all apparently cooperative and did not resist police upon being arrested. They were scheduled for arraignment in court on June 12.

Cult, tribe, whatever – why on earth do so many people break their quarantine when they arrive in Hawaii? They know about it going in (or if they don’t, they sure know when they get there). Coronavirus is a big deal, people – just stay put, people!

*** Feature photo: Al Case/flickr

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