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We Flew On A Sports Team’s Charter Plane And It Was Awesome

by joeheg

Sports teams don’t fly from city to city on the same aircraft as us mere mortals. Well, they might be on the same planes, but the seating configuration isn’t what we’re used to. That’s understandable because most professional athletes don’t have the same body type as the typical human. They’re typically taller than the average passenger and a plane with standard seat pitch in economy class just won’t do.

Major professional sports teams often fly on charter planes from city to city and said planes have a unique seating arrangement to accommodate its passengers.

There was a recent article on Paxex.Aero, about how Air Canada was going to use some of their Jetz aircraft typically used to fly NHL teams across North America to carry passengers on its premium domestic routes. While no hockey games are happening and a reduced number of airline passengers, why not use these planes to provide a comfortable experience to those still flying. The 2-2 layout means no middle seats to block for social distancing on board, but the 42-49″ pitch on the recliners and generally wider seats is a nice win for travelers

Sharon and I were treated to a flight on an NHL charter plane when we visited Cuba in 2016. Our otherwise regular trip from MIA-HAV was on an Eastern Airlines charter. We weren’t flying on a regular Eastern aircraft, but the team plane for the Florida Panthers NHL hockey team.


Look at all that legroom. We were able to recline all the way back in the seats and not worry about bothering the passengers sitting behind us. It was one of the only flights when I felt no guilt about reclining my seat. And if you’re asking, that’s not a coronavirus hairstyle, it was on purpose. I’ve realized since then that it’s not a good look for me 🙂

Even our 6ft+ travel buddies were able to fully stretch out their legs and not even get close to reaching the seats in the row in front of them.


I don’t think this opportunity will last for long. An increased number of passengers or a need to use the planes to fly NHL teams to the playoffs will take these planes our of use for the mere ordinary Canadian airline passengers and bring them back for the use of Canadian royalty, AKA hockey players.

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