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Think Reopening One Theme Park Is Hard? Try Owning 12 Parks!

by joeheg

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World and Legoland all are reopening or have already opened back up. Getting the parks ready for the new standards is no small project. Before opening, all plans had to be approved by the government. There are sure to be some growing pains during the process and almost limitless changes to policies as time goes on since no one can predict what will happen in the future.

If opening those parks was a big project for each of those owners, what if you were the operator of multiple theme parks of all different types spread out all across the country? You’d have to deal with different challenges for each park and various rules and timelines for each state.

That’s what Cedar Fair is in the process of doing right now.

Most of Cedar Fair’s parks operate seasonally, so they didn’t have to go through the process of shutting down. They’ve already done the PR work of keeping customers happy by proactively extending all annual passes for an additional year.

In recent days, several Cedar Fair owned parks have announced their reopening plans. While there are differences in the policies between the parks, there are some things in common:

  • Reservations are required to limit the number of guests in the park. Annual passholders and current ticket holders are the only ones able to make reservations.
  • Health Screening – guests will need to complete an online health assessment 24 hours before their visit and have a temperature check before entering the park.
  • Face coverings – Guests are required to wear face masks while in the parks. Even Schlitterbahn waterparks are requiring guests to wear masks while in designated places.
  • Hygiene stations – Hand sanitizer or handwashing stations will be located throughout the parks.
  • Social distancing – Marking and signage to encourage guests to stay six feet apart. Rides will limit capacity by blocking seats.

Here are links to each of Cedar Fair’s parks where you can read about the specific reopening plans for each one if currently available.

Final Thoughts

Getting out of the house to visit a themepark might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the Cedar Fair parks are an essential part of the communities where they are located. With people less willing to travel far distances for vacations this year, these local attractions will probably be popular.

Hopefully, the new precautions are sufficient to keep both guests and employees safe.

#stayhealthy #staysafe #washyourhands

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