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This Would Be My Nightmare Hotel Experience

by joeheg

In a coronavirus world, everyone is making their own decisions about what is safe and what is not. These decisions are made on their evaluation of the data available and what risks they’re are willing to accept. For example, Sharon and I felt it was safe for us to leave the house to visit Universal Citywalk for its reopening.

People are making the same decisions for everything, from whether it’s safe to go to the grocery store or eat in a restaurant, to whether they want to get out of the house and go for a weekend getaway.

We’re far from planning a trip but other people are. Of course, they’re assuming a level of risk they’ll encounter when deciding if the trip is worthwhile. Every company is sparing no expense in telling customers how the well being of their employees and customers are their primary concern in these unprecedented times. Sanitizing, social distancing and face masks are the norm.

Imagine if you decided that it was time for you to venture out of the house and head to the beach for the weekend. The beach is supposed to be one of the safer places to be, right? Your hotel advertises its new policies to keep guests safe and everyone will hopefully be following all of the guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And you get to your destination and none of that happens.

That’s precisely what happened to Mark’s from Miles to Memories parents during a trip to Daytona Beach over the Memorial Day weekend.  He described it as a trip to The Twilight Zone.

Well everyone around them was acting like it was business as usual and like it was May of 2019 instead of May of  2020! There were some adjustments made but many things seemed to be business as usual.

Nothing is business as usual today. How would you feel if you went somewhere where no one was wearing masks, nothing was being cleaned on a regular basis, people were crowding onto elevators and the pool area was packed?

Reading this article made me feel the same way I feel when I see insects crawling around me. Even though I’ve checked and know they’re all gone, I’m still uncomfortable.

Sharon and I are nowhere near leaving the house for a vacation, but if we did and encountered a scene like this, we would be back in the car and heading home faster than you could say ventilator.

Who’s to blame? The guests who want to party like is 2019 or the hotel that makes no effort to adapt to the new environment? It’s everyone’s fault. Companies have to hold staff accountable if they’re not doing basic things like wearing masks or cleaning surfaces. Guests also have to take responsibility for their own safety. If an elevator is packed, I’m not getting in it. If I need to wait for 10 trips, I will.

Getting sick with coronavirus isn’t worth getting to my room faster. Neither is it worth me heading to the beach for a long weekend.

Until everyone understands that we’re all responsible, then I’ll just stay home and be responsible in my office while y’all have fun drinking White Claw and catching that ‘Rona

#stayhealthy #staysafe #washyourhands

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