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The Things I Will Not Do For Your Mileage May Vary

by joeheg

Writing a blog isn’t easy, even in the best of times. We’ve only been doing this for a few years and things have been pretty good. Thanks for that! You seem to like reading what we write and we like writing it.

Now that we’ve hit this roadblock called #coronacrapola, are we going to change? Will we do things differently in this new environment? Luckily for us, we’ve always just written about what’s interesting to us. It was never about what Google told us was popular or who was paying us the most. Other websites might do things differently and that’s OK.  The internet is a complicated place and everyone has to draw their own line about what they’re willing to do and what they’re not. Sharon and I try to be truly honest about what we write on the blog. The things we write are our own thoughts and haven’t been cleared by anyone, except maybe each other. When we get any type of compensation for a link or referral, we’re always totally upfront about what you’ll get and that we’ll get something, too. I just thought I’d let y’all know we’re not planning on changing how we do things anytime soon.

I have my feelings about the subject of what websites and blogs should do and what they shouldn’t. I don’t want to call this post a rant because I think all rants do are allow you to get something off of your chest. Instead, I prefer to think of this post as a series of thoughts. The way I wish the world worked, which, for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t. But it should. If I had my way about things. Which I don’t.

There are many tips and tricks for travel on the internet. When I read those posts, I know that by publishing the information, more people will click on the website. Unfortunately, the information the reader finds is occasionally totally wrong, ethically questionable or possibly illegal. Should I share information like this on the blog? Using the lyrics of an often misquoted Meatloaf song for an explanation, “I’ll do anything for the blog, but I won’t do that.”


I got into writing because my friends would constantly ask how Sharon and I were able to travel around the world the way we did without having hit the lottery. I explained some of the basics of points and miles but there’s so much to share that having a reference online was a better way to go. Now when someone wants to change a Southwest Flight, has questions about where to eat in Orlando or even wants to know how to see the sights from The Sound of Music, we have an article to send them with all the information.

Now that I’m constantly looking for subject matter for articles, what if I find out how you can sneak into an exclusive bar, a questionable way not to have to pay for parking or maybe there’s a way you can get a sign-up bonus for a credit card you aren’t eligible for just by editing an URL? Should I share that information with you? It’s accessible; I mean, I found it easily enough. But should I propagate it? (FYI, I’ve known ways to do all three of the above activities)

I made a conscious decision that I’m not going to write about things like that. If it’s not something I would do or, even more so, if I wouldn’t tell my parents to do it, then I’m not going to publish that info. I don’t want to put you into a situation where you need to explain to someone, “Well the people on Your Mileage May Vary said I could do this.”

Heck, I’ll even share a link. Not from any fly by night page but from READERS (FREAKIN) DIGEST! The magazine sold at the grocery store for your grandparents to buy. Here’s an article I found on their website:

Finally! Here’s a Map with Airport Wi-Fi Passwords All Over the World

Here’s the kicker, this isn’t just a map for how to get free Wi-Fi at airports as that would be fine. It’s a map with the passwords so you can steal from all the locked airport Wi-Fi networks like lounges, restaurants, etc. Ever wonder why you see people sitting outside airline clubs on computers? They’re usually stealing the Wi-Fi from inside the club. To make things worse, that slows down the network for everyone who is rightfully inside the club.


I would never condone doing this. I’ve never done it. I’d find some way to get internet access through the correct channels or I’d do without. This sets off my moral compass so I’m not going to tell you to do this. I had to share this article as an example, but please don’t do this, OK? Promise? I’m trusting you.

giphy 11.46.23 AM

I’ve had many instances of things I’ve read but don’t share. Sometimes they’re just too time-sensitive for you to be able to act on them. Other times they’re things I’m not interested in, so if you’re looking for cheap airfare from Turkey to New Zealand, not much help will be found on our site. Most importantly, I’m not going to share information that I wouldn’t use myself. End of story!

However, if you want to know about How To Avoid Crazy Toll Charges When Renting A Car in Orlando, or What Are “Preferred” Seats on Delta and Why Pay Extra to Sit There? or even what to do When You’re Staying At A Hotel, Don’t Be Like “Naked Guy” – keep tuned for more of our articles.

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Carroll Ler January 27, 2018 - 8:30 am

Great post Joe. I don’t fly or travel much anymore but I read. You and Sharon have a very different and interesting take on travel. I wish you both nothing but good luck on this adventure.

Christian April 7, 2019 - 7:37 pm


Taryn April 7, 2019 - 9:07 am

You’ve become my favorite blog on Boarding Area. I always enjoy your post. I think your travel philosophy fits more with mine than some of the big boys. You actually mention and comment on the destination, not just a scheming way to get there.

joeheg April 7, 2019 - 11:18 am

Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad there’s room for all of us on Boarding Area.

Debit April 7, 2019 - 10:00 am

Lot of ethics posts are just narcissistic drivel. You shouldn’t have to write an ethics post. We already should be able to tell if you are ethical or not. And if you write an ethics post and then do something opposite of what you just wrote we know you are just full of s***.

Like customer service in america. They are told to sound contrite and understanding but not necessarily do anything to fix the problem. So you just making show of it without actually meaning any of it.

This is not directed at anyone.


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