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Six Quirky Ways Places Are Encouraging Social Distancing

by SharonKurheg

“Stay 6 feet apart.” “Stand on the X.” “Follow the arrows and don’t pass anybody.” Depending on where you are, different places have figured out different ways to encourage social distancing. But they all boil down to the same thing – stay away from other people to help decrease the chances of spreading COIVD-19.

Most places are relatively ordinary in encouraging social distancing – they remind their patrons of the above, space out tables and chairs, etc. But a few creative places have thought outside the box. These are how the cool kids are encouraging social distancing!

Kerala, India

The Indian village of Kerala has distributed 10,000 umbrellas to its citizens. They’re encouraged to use them whenever they’re outdoors, as two open umbrellas that aren’t touching each other is the equivalent of the 1 meter that’s required.

Here’s a video with more info:

Cafe Rothe, Schwerin, Germany

A cafe in Germany recently reopened and to ensure their patrons stay the required 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) apart, they made hats with pool noodles for them to wear.


PC: Cafe Roth/Facebook

Laser Light, Rotterdam. The Netherlands

A design studio in Rotterdam has invented a wearable laser that beams a circle of light around a person which marks out the minimum safe distance. The creator, The Incredible Machine, shared instructions on how to build your own “Social Distancing Thing” on YouTube.

Social Distancing Laser Hat by StupotMcDoodlepip

Similar to the Social Distance Thing, StupotMcDoodledip, location unknown, invented his own way of shining a laser light to demarcate proper social distancing measurements – with a “Social Distancing Laser Hat”:

Fish Tales, Ocean City, Maryland

A bar and grill in Ocean City has unveiled custom made “social distancing tables” that include blown up inner tubes to ensure people stay 6′ apart.

Here’s a video of how they work:

Robot Dog, Singapore

A remote-controlled robot dog named SPOT is being tested as a way to remind those who are passing by to stay at least 1 meter apart. Here’s some more info about it:

To be honest, I welcome anything that helps remind people to social distance. I consider myself to be aware and careful. Yet if I’m out at the supermarket or doctor’s appointment, even I’ll sometimes wind up forgetting to stay 6 feet away from everybody else. It’s just still hard to remember since I don’t go out very often, so I don’t get the opportunity to practice it over and over, which is how something new becomes a habit. I figure by the time it becomes a habit for me, we’ll have a vaccine and we won’t need to do it anymore 😉

Until then, maybe I should invest in my own little bumper table ;-).

#stayhealthy #staysafe #washyourhands

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Amy Aajee May 19, 2020 - 1:54 pm

Has anyone considered just getting really smelly? You could rub yourself in stinky cheese. I guess that wouldn’t be so effective though because some people who are infected lose their sense of smell. Maybe we should all travel with an ill-tempered yappy dog.


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