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I Never Realized That I’d Miss This Sound So Much

by joeheg

I can’t claim that it is made me obsessed with air travel, but I’ve always lived under the flight path of a major airport. For the first chapter of my life, I lived in New Jersey and we’d always have flights coming or going from Newark Airport flying overhead. To give you an idea, I lived close enough to the airport to have forgotten my driver’s license, got in my car, drove home and back, and still had time to make my flight.

When I moved to Florida, my first stop was Tampa. I didn’t pick a place close to the airport on purpose but by now Sharon and I were living together and we could hear and see jets taking off from TPA. We lived there during the time of 9/11 and I remember not hearing planes for a few days. That’s nothing like what I’ve experienced over the past month.

Sharon and I have lived in our house in Orlando for almost 20 years. We have learned when the MCO flight paths go over our house. Occasionally when the weather is off, we’ll end up on the landing path but we’re usually on the take-off route for parts of the day. Except for one set of flights, the red-eyes from LAX, SEA and SJC that used to fly right over our house at 6:30 AM. I know because that’s precisely the time our dog wants to go outside if I’m getting up for a typical day of work.

So nothing’s normal and working from home is the norm. Tell that to the dog who still likes to go out at 6:30 AM. But there are no flights overhead.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 10.35.46 PM

Flights into Orlando were reduced so much that we hardly noticed any air traffic overhead at all until last week. During one of our walks in the early evening, I heard something that I hadn’t in over a month. It was a plane!!

I pointed it out to Sharon and we both just looked up and watched.

I’d missed that view but moreso, I missed the sound so much!

The red-eye flights aren’t back but we’ve heard more flights overhead. I always look up and wonder who’s on board? They’re not tourists because as most places, including the major theme parks, are still closed but Orlando’s starting to open up. Orlando airport is getting ready for an increased number of passengers.

So while we’re not ready to get on a flight ourselves, it was a bit comforting to hear flights overhead for “the first time in forever.”

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