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The Wrong Way To Create Your Own In-Flight Entertainment On A Plane

by SharonKurheg

I dunno, I guess sometimes being on a plane gets to people. The Taco Bell they bought at the food court is done and there aren’t any movies on the In Fight Entertainment that they want to watch. So some people go in search of their own IFE, I guess? Like this guy…

Despite what you might think from his actions, Sean Bolis is in his mid-30s. He was on a 6-hour flight to his home in Montecito, CA and I guess needed something to do to keep him busy?

Unfortunately, he didn’t make good choices.

He apparently has seen the trick where you put the end of the roll of toilet paper into the toilet basin and flush. If you’re lucky, the whole roll unravels, like this:

If you’re like Sean, you’re unlucky and this happens:

Says Sean: “I was bored on a six-hour flight back to California when the idea came to mind so I brought my phone with me into the bathroom and went ahead with filming the idea.

“I saw it done before somewhere online and I remember doing it as a kid.

“When it started I was freaking out about how much paper was getting sucked into the toilet so fast but was stoked at the same time because it was hilarious.

“Unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. The casing falling off was not even a thought. My plan was to karate chop the paper mid-flush but before I knew it the casing came tumbling off, which really freaked me out.

“I thought it was going to clog the toilet completely and set off some sort of alarm system. I was totally shook for about five seconds until the flush had finally timed out.

“It actually popped right back into place with a few wiggles and a little force.”

Yeah, ummmm….don’t be like Sean.

And before anybody asks, yes, it was a slow news day here at YMMV Headquarters 😉

(Before anyone laments the waste of all that toilet paper – this happened before all the #coronacrapola)

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