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48% Have Canceled Summer 2020 Travel (& Other COVID-19 Travel Statistics)

by SharonKurheg

Despite politicians who want to open states up ASAP, a whole lot of Americans, although not necessarily happy with where they are, have made lots of changes in terms of travel plans.

In early April, ValuePenguin, a personal finance website, did an online survey of more than 1,200 Americans to learn their thoughts about travel in the not-too-distant future. Not surprisingly, it seems that Americans’ views about travel in general have never been similar to what they’ve ever been before. Take a look…

According to ValuePenguin’s findings:

  • 48% of Americans have canceled their summer 2020 travel plans (we didn’t do the survey but um, yeah, hand raised). 16% have not. 36% didn’t have summer travel plans yet.
  • 46% of those who already had travel plans on the books have lost money (read: nonrefundable deposits, cancellation fees, etc.) The average loss was $54.30 per person. 59% of us lost money on airfare, 44% on hotel rooms. However only 22% who booked with Airbnb, and 21% who booked cruises said they lost money.
  • 43% feel more negatively about the travel industry as a whole (well yeah…look at all the people who lost money on their travel plans!), and many will change their behavior as a result. 15% said they felt more positive about the industry and 42% said they felt about the same as always.
  • 40% of American travelers are more likely to purchase travel insurance for future trips. On the flip side, 18% said the pandemic made them less likely to consider insuring their future trips.
  • 36% of us say there’s no change in whether or not we would travel overseas. But 52% of us said we’re less likely to travel overseas (it appears that the financial strain may be playing a part in this). But 12% of us say they’re more likely to travel internationally (just my own thoughts about this one, but a sudden realization of, “YOLO, you only live once?”)
  • 35% of Americans don’t expect to use all of their paid time off this year. With that, several said their employer changed PTO policies as a result. Those policies range from good (13% are allowing unused PTO to roll over into next year) to bad (20% are reducing the number of vacation hours for employees).
  • 29% of us plan to travel in the next 6 months. However 35% think it’ll be longer than that; sometime between 6 months and a year. 16% of American don’t think they’ll be traveling for more than a year and 20% of just just don’t know.
  • 25% of Americans are planning a celebratory trip once there’s no more threat of the virus.

There’s lots more info about the survey results on this page of ValuePenguin’s website.  Granted, it’s a small survey size but they did say their sample base was proportioned to represent the overall population. I wouldn’t necessarily use it for a Master’s thesis, but taken as is, it’s still pretty interesting. Enjoy!

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