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This AMEX Rep Made Sure I Kept My Membership Rewards When I Called To Cancel A Card

by joeheg

I decided that I was canceling my American Express Business Gold card before I called. I tried to get a retention offer the other day and the $50 credit they offered wasn’t enough for me to keep the card.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I buckled down in case I had a long wait. Just as with my call the other day when I called the number on the back of my card, I was speaking to a representative within a minute.

I was connected with one of the nicest and most considerate phone agents I’ve ever spoken to.

I confirmed that my phone tree choices were correct and that I wanted to cancel my card. She asked why. I answered honestly,

  • I don’t use the card
  • AMEX offers cards with better-earning potential for lower annual fees
  • Everyone’s looking to cut expenses in the current environment

She said that those were valid points and she saw I hadn’t been using the card over the past year. She was glad AMEX wasn’t losing me as a client and that I was just closing this card.

We got to the legalese and she said that some of it might not apply to me since she was going to mention losing Membership Rewards………..

She paused for a second. I could almost hear her looking up my account.

She came back and said, “Yes since you have another card that earns Membership Rewards and lets you transfer those points to partners, you don’t have to worry. Your points are totally safe.”

I had almost forgotten that I’ve gotten rid of most of my Membership Rewards points earning cards. I canceled my Platinum card and now I was getting rid of my Gold Business card. The only card I have left is my Business Green card that I’d downgraded from the Business Platinum card years ago. I’m glad I kept it because I can add authorized users for free and that lets me transfer Membership Rewards into their loyalty accounts with airlines.

But this phone rep, who had no need to check that I wasn’t totally screwing myself over, spent the 45 seconds to check which accounts I have open and if they have full Membership Rewards benefits (including transfer partners.) I was so appreciative of her for that.

Here are AMEX’s Rules for when you cancel your account:

  • If you voluntarily cancel your enrollment in the program, but you keep at least one American Express® Card open and is not past due or canceled, you’ll have up to 30 days from the date of cancellation to use any points in your program account.
  • If you voluntarily cancel your enrollment in the program and you don’t keep open any American Express Cards, all points in your program account will be immediately forfeited.

So if I canceled all my Membership Rewards cards but kept open a Delta AMEX card, for example, I’d have 30 days to use my points. If my Membership Rewards earning card was my last AMEX card and I canceled it, I’d lose whatever points were in the account immediately.

When she got to the end of her script, she asked if I was agreeing to cancel the card, which I did.

And that was the end of the call and I don’t know what else to say besides “Thank You to the nicest American Express call rep I’ve ever encountered.”

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