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Trump Considering Grounding Flights Between “Hot Spot” Cities

by SharonKurheg

Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration is considering ending some domestic flights between cities that are considered “hot spots.”

Although COVID-19 is a problem throughout all 50 states, there are some places that have many more cases than others. There are over ten states with at least 5,000 cases, and of those, 4 states have over 10,000 cases (New York alone has over 92,000 cases).

During a briefing at the White House on Wednesday, Donald Trump said, ““I am looking where flights are going into hot spots. Some of those flights I didn’t like from the beginning.”

He appeared to waffle when considering shutting down all domestic flights, at first saying, “We’re looking at the whole thing because we’re getting into a position now where we want to do that, we have to do that … and we may have some recommendations,” but then following it up with, “Closing up every single flight on every single airline, that’s a very, very, very rough decision.”

“When you start closing up entire transportation systems and then opening them up [when the virus threat is over], that’s a very tough thing to do,” he said “But we are thinking of hot spots, where you go from spot to spot, both hot.”

He also said that considerations for closing air travel were “very big decisions from the standpoint of the future of our country, in a way.”

U.S.-based airlines have already made deep slashes in their domestic service, with upwards of 80% of typical flights canceled. Limited flights do remain between some larger cities such as New York City and Detroit, although the number of passengers has taken a nosedive.

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(From Joe: Just saying that what good is it to stop flights between hot spots? They’ve both already have cases. Wouldn’t you want to limit flights to/from a hot spot? Why am I analyzing this?)

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