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This Worldwide Flight Cancellation Tracker Is Simply Chilling

by SharonKurheg

Like so many other people, I’m spending a lot of time online, looking at info about coronavirus. Since I enjoy travel, I’m paying particular attention to places and things that have to do with travel.

In my rabbit hole of reading things, I’ve recently found a spreadsheet of the percentage of flights being cut, worldwide, due to coronavirus. The numbers are being updated as things change, and are just staggering. Take a look:

CLICK HERE to see the spreadsheet

It’s being maintained and updated by some people in the aviation world who would definitely keep good track of such things, including at least one familiar name from Boarding Area, Seth from Wandering Aramean.

The spreadsheet is, of course, just a spreadsheet. Specifically a Google doc. So there aren’t any pretty bells or whistles. But you can still cull out a whole lot of interesting information, such as:

  • The history of their cuts (i.e. Emirates originally cut 65% of its flights, then 100%, but then reversed that decision to keep limited flights to/from 13 countries open)
  • Over 50 airlines around the world have suspended all operations
  • Over 80 airlines have cut at least 75% of their flights
  • In the U.S., legacy carriers have dropped a higher percentage of flights than low cost airlines
  • There’s not one airline around the world that’s not made any cuts, but as of this writing, there are about a dozen, including five U.S.-based airlines (Southwest, Sun Country, Hawaiian Airlines, Spirit and Alaska Airlines) that have cut 25% or less of their flights.

It’s, obviously, not a happy picture of the aviation world right now. But, of course, the entire world is not a very happy place right now, either. 🙁

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