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Here’s How You Can Get Into Airport Lounges When Flying JetBlue from New York to Orlando

by joeheg

One of the big perks of being a frequent flyer with one of the “big three” U.S. airlines (American, Delta, and United) is access to their airport lounges. These spaces are a quite less crowded place to wait for your flight compared to the loud chaos that usually is the norm near the gates. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to charge your electronics, snack on some cookies or veggies and even treat yourself to something from the bar. Even if the airlines have started to charge for better snacks and drinks, it’s still better than nothing.

You’d think if you’re on your way to a vacation at Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando from the New York/New Jersey area and decide to take JetBlue that you’d be out of luck for getting into an airport lounge before your flight, right? Wrong!



If you’re flying out of JFK Airport, the JetBlue gates at Terminal 5 were previously home to the Airspace Lounge. Unfortunately, the lounge closed at the end of August 2018. Fortunately, JFK’s Terminal 5 is JetBlue’s home, so it’s a decent place to spend time even without a lounge. There’s free WiFi as well as a rooftop terrace.


Unlike JFK, no one would say the JetBlue gates at Newark Airport are by any means attractive.

File Aug 17, 10 59 56 PM

Up until March 2019, you could access the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge with your Priority Pass membership, but they have now left the network.

If you have a really long delay or layover, there are other Priority Pass lounges at Newark airport, but it’s not worth the effort.


JetBlue flyers from LaGuardia who have an AMEX Platinum card, can use the Centurion Lounge in Terminal B. That was great until December 2017 when JetBlue moved from Terminal B to Terminal A as part of a major reshuffling of airlines at LaGuardia.

The move to Terminal A, otherwise known as the Marine Air Terminal, was seen as a big win for JetBlue, as the road traffic to that terminal is better than to the other terminals, making it a more desirable place for New Yorkers to depart from. JetBlue, now the terminal’s sole resident, has completed a full remodel of the area and it does look great.


However, the move means that JetBlue flyers no longer have easy access to the Centurion Lounge. It’s still is possible to get there but involves taking the On Airport Bus and since JetBlue doesn’t have many flights with long connections from LaGuardia, I doubt that would be worth the time.


You’re all done with your trip and now it’s the flight home. I’ve talked about all the lounges in Orlando Airport already. From the JetBlue gates, you’ll have access to The Club MCO. This is a club that you’ll get access to with a Priority Club membership or you can buy a day pass for $40. I’d never pay that much to enter but since I get in for free, I’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity.

Photo Jul 28, 9 11 35 AM

We’ve visited the club in the morning and around lunchtime. The breakfast items are limited and there’s only one coffee machine so be prepared to wait (Note from Sharon: The coffee is only “meh” at best. But I fully admit I’m a coffee snob. The only reason I got coffee there was because the Starbucks line was a mile long and not moving.). The offerings around lunch were better, with finger sandwiches and soups along with vegetables and other snacks.

Photo Jul 28, 9 09 09 AM

There are several areas with seating. We grabbed a table one time, but the last time we were there we sat at the workspace so we could, well, work. It was also the place with the most available outlets.


So there you have it. While you used to have access to lounges at every NYC airport if flying from New York, now you don’t have access to any lounge. If you’re flying from New York, this shouldn’t be a big deal since why would you arrive at the airport early for a direct flight to Orlando? If you’re based in Orlando, like us, we really think this development, well it doesn’t make us feel like we’re having a magical day.

Have you tried any of these clubs? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments.

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Per February 18, 2020 - 12:30 pm

NYC airports are third world. What a disgrace they are. But then almost all US airports are horrible.

Jen Anderson February 21, 2022 - 10:14 am

Just returned from a cruise out of Orlando and utilized both the Delta lounge (free for Platinum Amex cardholder, guests @ $39/ea) and Club MCO (free with Priority Pass membership + free 2 guests). Delta lounge had hot served food and better drink. Club MCO had more snack like food and less desirable beer choices. Furniture in Club MCO were really beat up and dirty and majorly stained. The only thing worth these lounges was that you were away from the masses in the airport (especially on a Saturday after cruise passengers fly home qith several ships returning to port).


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