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How They Used To Handle Babies On Planes In The 1950s Is CRAZY! NO Safety!

by SharonKurheg

Unless you have enough miles or cash to fly business or first class, air travel is not comfortable. You’re squashed in like sardines, possibly having to deal with annoying people, like manspreaders, ones who take their shoes off, other passengers from hell, and who knows what else. And if you’re traveling with a baby, it’s even worse. But all of that “ain’t nuthin'” if you compare it to the accommodations babies had on planes back in the 1950s.

They were hung from the overhead

No, really! Look!

Yup – in the 1950s, they had bassinets for babies to hang out in during long flights. Granted, they had to stay in their parents’ arms during take-off and landing, but aside from that, they had their overhead bunk/hammock things (they were called “skycots”) that could be hung from the luggage rack, and I’m sure they were all perfectly safe ;-).

Granted, some modern-day airlines offer similar bedding for babies; most of those attach to the bulkhead and they’re significantly less than five feet off the ground.

I’m not saying that air travel is great – not by a long shot. But compared to those poor circa-1950s babies strapped to hammocks several feet in the air? Yeah, I’ll stick to my middle seat in Economy, thank-you very much!

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Christian February 18, 2020 - 7:42 pm

I would have adored flying that way as a kid. It would be like having your own little fort. Not the safest thing if the plane crashes, but crash odds aren’t great anyway.


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