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The Tale Of The Delta SkyClub At JFK Terminal 2

by joeheg

When we were flying home from Germany on Delta, we had a layover at JFK Airport. We cleared immigration and customs quickly due to our Global Entry status. Since we were connecting to a domestic Delta flight, we took the JFK Airtrain to Terminal 2. Once there, our international business class tickets gave us access to the Delta SkyClub. We’ve spent time at the SkyClub at Terminal 2 before. Back when the AMEX Platinum let you bring a guest into the lounge for free, Sharon and I would spend our time here before our flights back to Florida. Once you had to pay for a guest, we stopped going. Nowadays we don’t even have an AMEX Platinum card, so it’s not an issue.

This SkyClub doesn’t have the greatest memories for us because Sharon had to work from this lounge on a PRIORITY project for her previous job. Working while on vacation is something we usually don’t like to do, except when we’re working for ourselves on the blog.

So what do we have to say about the Delta SkyClub in Terminal 2?

This Delta SkyClub is so bland and soulless that neither Sharon or I managed to take a single picture of the inside of the club. The lounge was crowded when we were there, but that’s not why we didn’t document it. The interior was just so predictable that nothing seemed important enough to take a picture. Sharon’s memory of the club was “It was very white.” (Note from Sharon: To clarify, it was very white in decor. Not skin color LOL)

That alone should tell you what to expect if you have to spend time here.

To make this post interesting, or boring depending on your perspective, I’m going to try and describe the interior in the style of a computer text-based adventure game. Picture in your mind what the club looks like and I bet you’re pretty much spot on.

I apologize that sometimes I just feel the need to go full geek and that’s what this post is for me (Note from Sharon: I also apologize for his geekiness. Please have sympathy for me, who has to live with this, LOL!).

Ye Delta Lounge Review

Walking through the front door, I was met by the Delta gatekeeper. I provided our documents (boarding pass and ID) and we were allowed passage into the club.

Upon entering, there was plenty of seating for those too weary from their travels to explore any further. Some of them were typing away on their notebooks while others were enjoying entertainment on their video devices.

Past this area was the realm of the barkeep. A rowdy crowd was gathered, watching a sporting event on the video screens. I walked up to the bar and looked at what was available. Since we were celebrating our successful journey to a foreign land, I passed on the complimentary grog and splurged on a celebratory bourbon, which required additional payment. I pulled my Delta Gold (card) out and tipped the barkeep a little extra for their services.

Just beyond the bar was the buffet. Spread along the table were soups, sandwiches, vegetables and finger foods of all kinds. As we were still full from the feast aboard the plane, we modestly picked through the selection for what looked appealing. We were happy to see that they offered the treasured Biscoff cookies as a dessert.

After finishing my food and drink, I needed to find a place to relieve myself. After a short walk down a hallway, I found the toilets. They seemed to be cleaned regularly but were not fitting for any type of royalty. If desired, the club offered showers to any traveler that needed to refresh themselves from a long journey. I didn’t partake in them as we only had a short trip home from New York. I’ve read others say that they are not impressive.

I took a walk around the rest of the club and found there were several other areas of seating available. One of the sections was an indoor terrace, which I found to be a strange invention. You could sit and watch all of the lesser travelers below from your chair, but that was the only entertainment in the area.

Besides one more area of seating, there was nothing more that was interesting about the area. When it reached the time of our departure, we left for our gate.

While the SkyClub provided us food, drink, shelter, a place to recharge our devices and connect to an information network located in the sky, it was a rather non-descript location. We could have been anywhere and I had to strain my memory to write this post.

If you want to see a full post about this club, including pictures, there a post on Travel Codex that’s a more traditional review.

Final Thoughts

The Delta SkyClub at JFK T2 is there to serve passengers on Delta’s domestic flights. They’re either connecting from international flights or arriving before a flight. This is the most run of the mill club lounge that I could imagine. It’s not bad, please don’t get that impression. It’s just that the area is unmemorable. Nothing about the area is exceptional. You have access to a buffet and a bar. There are WiFi and power outlets. A reasonable amount of seating across several rooms means you’re likely to find a place to sit except during the busiest times. As most passengers are going to spend an hour or two at the most at this lounge, there’s no need to exceed anyone’s expectations. Just meeting what people think they’re going to get is enough. This lounge strives for average and meets that goal.

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Kathleen February 6, 2020 - 3:02 pm

I was in this same area on Monday since I flew back from Portugal (via Delta) and then went to Terminal 2 to wait for two more connecting domestic flights on Delta. I did not have access to the lounge, but I could see the seating where lounge members could look down on the domestic flights. I don’t know whether or not I will fly Delta again. My flights to and from Portugal were regular economy. I took a chance on Basic Economy for the domestic flights. I did not like not knowing my seat assignment on the first flight because I had a very short time to connect to the second flight in Atlanta. I chose to only have carry on luggage, although I could have spread out my belongings into three bags. My reason was the short connecting time in Atlanta. I would not have had time to wait for my luggage and then go through security again. I suppose that many years of flying Southwest have spoiled me. I can get a reasonable price fo rthe ticket and I can get an early boarding time by checking in on time.

GREG CARLSON February 6, 2020 - 6:50 pm

It’s a great club with the terrace – airy and nice couches


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