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Stuck At Orlando Airport, Why Not Get A Room?

by joeheg

If you’ve traveled through Orlando International Airport, you’ve no doubt seen scenes like this. Travelers sleeping on the chairs lining the pathway between the two sides of the airport. While not usually seen as an airport with a deal of connecting traffic warranting long layovers, there are any number of reasons people can get stuck at the airport.

Anything from a long layover waiting for your international connecting flight, getting to the airport extra early to make sure you get through security on time, weather delays, flight cancellations and any other reason people end up stranded at the airport.

Now. the guy sleeping in the picture above is actually an art exhibit called “The Traveler” which has been around Orlando Airport since the 80s.

For those who don’t fancy trying to sleep on the floor or on a chair in the middle of a bustling airport, there’s now another, more comfortable, option.

Day Rooms

I found out while walking through the airport that the Hyatt Regency located inside the airport is now renting out rooms for the day. It’s the perfect solution for when you’re stuck at the airport.

In a brilliant marketing move, they advertise the service with signs placed near where everyone sits when waiting for their flight.


The Hyatt Regency is located inside Orlando Airport, with rooms going around the atrium. While many of the rooms face the atrium, there are some rooms with runway views.

I took the escalator from the main level up the hotel lobby on the second floor.


I asked about the day rooms and I was told that they are based on availability and can only be booked at the front desk on the day of the stay, so there’s no planning ahead to get one.

Rates can vary but they said the typical prices are:

  • $119 for a queen-size bedroom
  • $129 for a king-size bedroom

The time blocked out for these rooms is from 10AM to 6PM and the price is set no matter what time you check-in. Even if you get there at 2PM, you’ll pay the same price and still have to leave by 6PM.

Now while one of the attractions of getting a room is having a place to take a nap or a quiet place to get some work done. But what if you’re traveling with your kids who just don’t understand the idea of being stuck at the airport for hours on end?

Take them to the pool!

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 1.43.52 PM

The Hyatt Regency has a terminal top swimming pool. When they’re finished splashing around and tiring themselves out, you can head back to the room to get cleaned up and changed out of your swimming trunks (just be sure to have something to put those wet swimsuits into before throwing them back into the luggage).

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe that the Hyatt Regency hasn’t advertised this option before. They’ve made day rooms available because Sharon stayed here during a flight delay but it was a long time ago (Note from Sharon: 1996ish) and the airline paid for her room.

We’re a long time from the age when airlines will pay for a hotel room during a flight delay. That may be why the Hyatt now has started to market the availability of these rooms directly to the passengers.

The price isn’t cheap but if the choice is sitting in the airport for 6 hours on a lounge chair or getting a room for $20 an hour, it becomes a reasonable value.

The inability to book in advance takes away some of the use when getting a room during a long layover but it seems like the rooms are meant more for those who did not plan on being stranded at the airport.

While you hope to never need the service, it’s nice to know its available if you do.

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Jon September 25, 2019 - 9:49 pm

Do these “day stays” count as nights toward status levels?


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