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Why I Don’t Want To Stay At The St. Regis

by SharonKurheg

The St. Regis Hotels & Resorts is a luxury hotel chain that is now part of the Marriott umbrella of hotel brands. The original St. Regis Hotel was founded in New York City in 1904 by John Jacob Astor IV. Starwood acquired the hotel in 1999, and eventually began to open other high-end hotels with the St. Regis name. Starwood, of course, merged with Marriott in mid-2018.

And I don’t want to stay in one.

Some people might be surprised about that, because even though I generally have middle-of-the-road tastes (I’m perfectly happy in a Holiday Inn Express or a Candlewood Suites), I can still totally enjoy myself when we stay at swanky places like the  Waldorf=Astoria in NYC (just before it closed for a multi-year refurbishment) and in Key West, the Park Hyatt Washington D.C., or the St. Pancras Renaissance.

So what’s the difference between all of those fancy places and the equally as fancy St. Regis?

The St. Regis comes with complimentary butler service.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 7.05.29 PM.png

PC: St. Regis

From their website: “Introduced at the St. Regis New York by John Jacob Astor IV, St. Regis Butler Service has remained a signature offering for more than a century. The anticipatory, personalized service of the St. Regis Butler ensures that each guest’s unique preferences are understood and realized at more than 40 hotels and resorts worldwide.”

Y’all, that’s just WAY TOO fancy for me and I can’t even.

Maybe it’s because I was born “fun sized” and stayed that way (hello, 4’6″ adult!), but I have always been fiercely independent. I’m talking “to the point of being stubborn” kind of independence. I mean, it took years – YEARS! – before I let Joe carry my suitcase. So since I’m perfectly capable of unpacking and packing my own suitcase, getting my own soda/snacks (the latter gives me an excuse to explore), ironing my own clothes, making my own dinner or tour reservations, etc., I’d just as soon do it myself.

For whatever reason, I also tend to be a little bit on the, I dunno, “I am not worthy” side. So if someone asks me if I want something, my first instinct is to say no, so I won’t be a bother. So having a butler would mean him/her asking if there’s anything (s)he can do and I’d be like, “Nope, I’m good, thanks” (and then I’d go back to doing it myself because I’m stubbornly independent).

On top of that, I’m an introvert. Don’t talk to me, leave me alone, let me get comfortable around you and the situation, and eventually I may become my regular wiseass self. But until then, I’m going to avoid ANY interaction with a butler (and even then I’d go back to doing it myself because I’m stubbornly independent).


I’m sure that most people who have the opportunity to have a butler enjoy it immensely. I’m simply not “most people.” So the St. Regis? I’d love to walk through the lobby of any of them. But to stay there? No thanks, I’ll pass.

How about you? Have you ever had butler service at a hotel? What’d you think?

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Christian August 20, 2019 - 12:15 pm

Here’s a surprise for you…you don’t have to actually use the butler if you don’t want to! So you can stay at a luxury hotel and not be bothered if you don’t want to be. I guess some people use the butler for everything but I have passed on their services during my stays at St. Regis properties.

Danny August 20, 2019 - 12:59 pm

Also – you don’t get your “own” butler. They are designated service attendants. Other than an intro when you check in, you don’t get anything unless you call for service.

George August 20, 2019 - 3:38 pm

I agree 100%. I’ll gladly ask the front desk attendant for whatever I need (hello, DoubleTree cookie!), but avoid any sort of unrequested service or “anticipating of our needs.”

My wife and I are not exactly luxury travelers, but I feel like even if we do eventually get to that point, our “fierce independence” will keep us from taking advantage of any “personalized service.”

Christian August 20, 2019 - 9:41 pm

I feel exactly the same. While I don’t mind some information on shops, tours, or restaurants (concierge stuff), I’m exceedingly uncomfortable having people wait on me hand and foot, packing, unpacking, sorting my dirty clothes, ironing, etc. In common parlance, my legs ain’t broke.


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