2 thoughts on “Which Card’s Application Rules Are Worse, AMEX or Chase?”

  1. I am restricted by both chase 5/24 and amex popups. I find the the chase rules to be far more irritating. They instituted it a few years back and immediately I was ineligible. I missed out on the CSR 100k offer because of it.

    The amex popup I knew I was taking a risk cancelling a card that got an upgrade offer before 12 months. I thought there was a small chance I’d screw myself and I did. No one to blame. So at this point it is Citi basically and BoA tells me to pound sand, and Cap1 is a definite no go.

  2. Chase is far and away worse than Amex. I’ve literally had hundreds of Amex cards and just about every version that offered a decent signup bonus or has good bonus spend categories. Chase has always been a far bigger pita, and are much less tolerant of MS.

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