Dear Whoever Is Doing This At Hotels, STOP IT!

I’m never shocked when I hear about people doing stupid things. I mean, I live in Florida. People doing stupid things happens pretty much on a daily basis down here. There are some things that I look at and think, “How many people were doing this that they had to make a sign telling them not to do it?”

I mean, it might only be one. For example, there are now these signs on the Mexico pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World because someone thought it would be a good idea to climb the steps of the Aztek pyramid outside.


There’s also this sign my dad and his wife found when visiting Mynamar:


I really want to know what it says over the third panel. What was the person in that picture trying to do with the toilet?

Here’s another one from Thailand where I can’t believe it was happening so much they needed to make a sign:


While all of those signs are strange, I can understand them. The first one is to keep drunk guests from climbing pavilions (but if you’re that drunk, is a sign going to stop you?) and the other two are most likely cultural differences. Some people who live in countries where squat toilets are the norm might just be looking for what they’re used to, and I’m sure there’s a place in the world where you wash your feet in the toilet.

But this one sign, or more accurately this sticker, always aggravates me when I see it in a hotel room.



In this instance, the sprinkler heads were a good 8 feet off the ground. You’d need one of those clothes hanging devices from stores or at least a selfie stick to even think about hanging anything from the sprinkler head.

However, if you want to hang clothes from the sprinklers, you could always just use the other sprinkler head in the room. There’s no sticker under that one, so it must be fine, right?


Because sometimes I start to think the rest of the world is normal and I’m the only one who can’t believe this stuff isn’t just made up.


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4 thoughts on “Dear Whoever Is Doing This At Hotels, STOP IT!”

  1. I have seen that toilet sign from Myanmar somewhere in SE Asia (never been to Myanmar). I got a very good chuckle from it and I know somewhere in my phone I also have a picture of this hilariousness

  2. Someone in my dorm junior year hung a dress from a sprinkler head. Brand new building, so it took campus engineering longer than it should have to find the shut-off. Thankfully, it wasn’t my wing!

  3. Hi,

    Some of these are cultural – although doesn’t make them acceptable.
    Many South Asians still squat and relieve themselves, you will still find some squatting holes there. Washing feet (Wudu) is part of Islamic traditions. In the Arab world, there are separate enclosures for this, usually close to the restrooms. Perhaps, the sign makes it clear that one shouldn’t do this in the regular toilets.


    1. Thanks for the information. I was interested in the feet in the toilet one but knowing the basis of why someone would do it makes the sign make more sense.

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