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A Lesson In The Wrong Way To Steal The Salt & Pepper Shakers from Virgin Atlantic

by SharonKurheg

People have been pinching (that’s “stealing” for us Americans) the salt and pepper shakers from Virgin Atlantic for years. And no wonder…they’re shaped like planes and are adorable!

Humorously named Wilbur and Orville, the little plane-shaped spice pots, usually offered in either silver or black (but also with a limited edition run of red during December, 2017), have become so popular in the past 15+ years that the bottom of them even now say, “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic” (which, BTW, is a genius advertising campaign).

This post isn’t a diatribe about whether or not you should steal them – that’s up to you and your conscience. This one is simply how you DON’T want to steal them.

Joe and I recently had a quick visit to London and took Virgin Atlantic both ways, using our Delta miles. We had only been on Virgin Atlantic one time before, and it was YEARS ago – way before I was brave enough to steal salt and pepper shakers (although at the time, I really, really wanted to. Joe, always the more goody-two-shoes of the two of us, talked me [who’s always been easily swayed to good] out of it). I’m older and wiser now. And yeah, significantly more brazen, too (especially since I know for sure they don’t mind). So I took them and threw ’em into my computer bag.

Bad move.

Y’all, learn from my mistakes.

Remember that Orville and Wilbur are salt and pepper shakers. That means they have salt and pepper in them. And if they’re just thrown into a pocket or a bag or whatever and land face down (well, nose down), salt or pepper will pour out of them. And then you’ll have a mess to clean up.


So if I were you, remove the salt and pepper from them first. They’re easy to open. Just pull the nose off each one and pour the salt and pepper out. You can even rinse them in the lavatory first.

And THEN pinch them 😉

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