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What Tech Do You Bring When Traveling

by joeheg

Technology marches forward every day. A device that was a “must have” last year is a relic today. I’ve shown what tech I used to bring with me, so I thought it would be interesting to see “what’s in my bag” when I go on a trip nowadays.

I’ll start out by saying that while I’d like to have the newest technology, I hardly ever do. If something works for me, I’m gonna keep using it. Case in point, I originally wrote this on a 9-year-old MacBook Air. When the battery stopped holding a charge, I replaced it…all it took was a $70 kit from Amazon and 15 minutes to install. At the same time, I also clean installed High Sierra OS. This computer is as “like new” as it’s ever going to be. I’m sure Apple would have preferred me to buy a new one but this works just fine to write this article, thank you very much.

I don’t bring as many devices as I used to because nowadays each item can perform multiple functions. Back in the day, I traveled with a camcorder, camera, MP3 player, laptop computer (that also played DVDs) and a phone. I also brought books, magazines and work-related materials. That’s a lot of stuff to carry around.

To compare, here’s a list of what I currently have in my vintage Targus backpack (I told you I don’t get rid of things if they still work):


Yep, this is me with the same backpack traveling in Japan in 2005.

MacBook Air – The need for having this is work-related. I could do most things I needed to accomplish online with just my iPhone or iPad, but it’s much easier to write articles for the blog using a real computer. I’m in the process of setting up an iPad Pro as my new mobile computer and we’ll see how that goes.

iPhone – This is the one device that’s transformed the way I travel. It’s my camera (still and video), calendar/planner, music player, GPS, email reader, web browser, news reader, financial organizer, payment device (for Starbucks and Apple Pay), map and alarm clock. Oh, and it’s also my phone.


Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones – These are my saving grace when I fly. I originally used a set of Bose in-ear noise-canceling headphones but when I first used these headphones on a plane, it was a revelation. They block out most of the white noise and my music blocks out the rest. I still found that they let some noise in and my ears started to hurt after wearing them for several hours, so I bought the over the ear model, which came highly recommended. I waited for a sale, stacked some offers and picked up a pair for under $80.

iPad – If the iPhone is my organizer, then the iPad is my entertainment center. I can store entire seasons of TV shows on it. In fact, I just put all of Season Three of Rick and Morty on there along with a few episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (If you aren’t already watching both of these shows, you should be). My iPad is also my personal library and I have several books I keep on there that I’ll eventually finish reading.


As I mentioned above, I have a new iPad Pro so I may be able to reduce my items I bring by one if I no longer need the Macbook.

Final Thoughts

That’s it. Really. I couldn’t believe it myself. Just 4 things and I can do pretty much anything I want. Now, I could get a brand new DSLR camera but it would totally be a waste when all I am doing is taking pictures for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I’m sure everyone tailors their tech to meet their own personality and needs. I’m curious to know what everyone else brings with them. Do I bring too much, not enough, or am I somewhere in the middle?

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