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Have You Ever Wanted To Become a Jedi Master? You Can!

by SharonKurheg

“I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” These were Luke Skywalker’s famous words, said with confidence and defiance, in the face of possible, if not probably death.

Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with The Force inside us (if my wording on that isn’t perfect, forgive me…I’m not an uber geek and my husband says, “It’s complicated”). But with a few Canadian dollars, you can take classes to be a knight for one day or a battle master of tomorrow. All thanks to an unusual academy in Montreal that’s perfect for your inner Jedi.

The Force Academy is a place where you can learn how to participate in saber combats. You can experience legendary combats in a one-time experience, or sign up with them to train seriously.

You know this place is special when you go to its homepage and the first thing you have to do is choose your side.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 10.15.00 PM

Home page of The Force Academy. It made me smile.

They offer group classes on a daily basis, teaching the proper choreographic use of a lightsaber, complete with music from the movies, dark room with dramatic lighting and using the same type of lightsabers that were used when filming.

One-time beginner classes are 1 hour long and advanced classes, which are offered subscription-style, are 90 minutes in length:

Do you want to further your knight skills and learn the 7 forms of saber combat? Under the teachings of a Master, you can harness and conquer this mythical universe’s art form.

The subscription consists of full integration into The Academy and provides the path to mastery. In order to accommodate your flexible schedule and not disadvantage those who cannot be systematically present at each course, the subscription offers a determined number of courses which decreases by one unit for each course attended. Our personalized teaching method allows each person to evolve at his or her own pace.

In a rigorous but playful manner, each 90 minute lesson will allow you to experience the world of an apprentice. Our Masters, all of whom have a high degree in martial arts, ensure the technical vigilance of our program. We believe in a truly immersive experience.

Each course will open with important warm-up period and then quickly transition into the main technique explanation, development and practice. In each of the learned forms, there will be Dulons, Velocities and Accelerations to master in a series of movements to do solo or with a partner. The courses will close with a sparring session to put your skills to the test.

Upon inscription, the participant will begin their journey in the rank of Apprentice; followed by Padawan; Knight and Master. To move up in rank, the Apprentice must show their mastery of the forms and obtain experience points that will be granted by participating in duels with other members. Upon passing their examination at the end of the Padawan rank, and according to their style of combat, the individual will choose their path greatness by embracing the values of the light side or the dark side.

You can also get private group bookings and purchase gift certificates.

Force Academy is available for just about any age (parents must sign waivers for participants under age 18) and all required equipment (illuminated sabers and protective face masks) is supplied by the program. Classes are available in English as needed (it IS Montreal, after all) and I was happy to see they have a 5.0 rating on Trip Advisor.

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