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How To Tell Various Map Apps To Avoid Tolls

by joeheg

There are plenty of driving apps out there. Regardless of which one you use, the most important setting to know is the one telling the app to avoid tolls. On my recent trip to New Jersey, I knew that I’d be traveling through a major toll road area. I set Waze, my preferred map (when I’m traveling somewhere with reliable cell service), to avoid tolls.

The first leg of my trip was easy because, unknown to me, New Jersey has eliminated tolls on the Northbound Garden State Parkway (GSP). Going from my lunch with family to my grammar school reunion was another story; I knew there’d be tolls.


I looked at the directions to avoid the tolls but it took me so far out of the way it wasn’t worth the hassle. Currently, the GSP still has pay toll lanes, so I was able to give money to the toll attendant and avoid paying the crazy rental car surcharges just for going through one toll booth, In areas with cashless tolls this isn’t an option, so you need to do your homework before leaving if you’re not familiar with the roads.

Here’s the way to adjust the settings on some of the most popular map programs. Examples are on the iPhone but should be similar on Android devices.



When opening Waze, get to the main menu by tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of the map screen. From there, tap the gear in the upper left corner.


Once you get to the settings screen, turn on the slider for “Avoid Toll Roads”

Google Maps


When you are looking at the map on Google Maps, click on the three lines in the top left corner.


Once to the setting page, tap on the arrow for “Navigation”


You have to scroll down a bit (or maybe it’s just my large font) to find the Route Options area. Activate the “Avoid Tolls” slider.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps was a little harder to figure out. You need to put in your starting and ending point first.


You then need to tap “Driving Options”


It’s there you’ll find the “Avoid Tolls” slider. I guess you’ll need to do this for each route.  With Waze and Google Maps, the app will avoid tolls until you turn the slider off.


I’m not as familiar with this app but the procedure is the same as Apple Maps. You first need to input your starting location and destination.


Tap the gear next to “All Options Included”


From there, just uncheck the “Toll Roads” option.

Final Thoughts

All of the mapping apps have a way for you to tell it to make a route avoiding tolls, but some are easier to set up than others. With Waze and Google Maps, just make sure to turn off the “Avoid Tolls” option when you get home, as long as you’re OK taking the toll roads where you live.

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Billy Bob June 20, 2022 - 9:17 pm

Google Maps has hosed me twice in the last few years.
Good luck getting to or from Boston’s Logan airport and trying to avoid a toll. Read that the mob had its fingers in how those roads are set up. Google after ‘avoid tolls’ also sent me right onto a toll road in Dallas – drove right under the cameras and had to call later to pay.


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