“Mischievous” Airport Bag Handler Purposely Sent Hundreds of Suitcases To Wrong Destinations

As if flying didn’t have enough potential problems, between passengers being pulled off planes, airlines cancelling thousands of flights, or the possibility of sitting directly in front of the screaming baby section, now we have this to worry about.

Tay Boon Keh, a 63-year-old baggage handler at Singapore Changi Airport, swapped the tags on hundreds of bags, intentionally sending the luggage to the wrong destinations. He was charged with 286 counts of mischief, as per The Straits Times.

The Departures area at Singapore Changi Airport

It’s thought he began the reckless deeds in November and continued nearly every day until February. The tags of bags bound for Hong Kong, Manila, London, San Francisco and Perth, among other locations, were exchanged with tags from other bags, so they would go to the wrong destination. Airlines mostly affected with this mischief included Singapore, Silkair and Lufthansa.

A public area at Singapore Changi Airport

As per an airport spokesman, there was no breach of security at Changi Airport and they’re considering it an isolated case of mischief. “Nonetheless, we have enhanced access control as well as the CCTV coverage in the baggage handling area. Patrols have also been stepped up.”

Mr Tay offered no motives as to why he participated in this crime spree and it’s said he planned to plead guilty during his hearing. When convicted, he can face jail time for up to one year and and be fined for each charge.

Well, isn’t that just awesomesauce? (yes, I really do say “awesomesauce.” Don’t judge) Sigh. Let’s hope there are no copycat crimes, shall we?

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