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I was able to fly on JetBlue this week from Orlando to Newark and back. I was more worried about flight times and prices than the type of aircraft so I didn’t know that my flights were both on the older style of JetBlue’s planes, an A320.

I’ve compared the A320 to the newer A321 and even said that I prefer the newer plane because of how cool it looks, the size of the screen with live TV. After these last two flights, I might change my mind.

JetBlue A320 seats

JetBlue A320 seats

Now the seats on the A320 aren’t much to look at. The interior is a drab grey color and the leather on the seats is showing some age, which makes the plane look like one big, worn out recliner.

The TV screens are also really small, only 5.6 inches wide. If you’re wondering, that’s a smaller screen than the new iPhone XS, that measures 5.8 inches.

JetBlue A320 video screen

I settled in for my flight to Newark, clocking in at just over 2 hours of flight time. I was assigned the window seat so I balled up my jacket to fill the space between me and the window when I realized something. I had a bit of legroom. Given, not a ton of space but my 6 foot tall frame wasn’t crammed into the seat in front of me when sitting up.


I had my travel pillow with me, which I usually end up putting behind my lower back about 30 minutes into a flight when I get uncomfortable. But you know what, I never got uncomfortable. The worn out recliner turned out to be exactly that. It was the comfy chair that may not look great but you end up keeping because it serves its purpose well.

Final Thoughts


I know I said before that I’d rather fly on the newer A321 with all the techie bells and whistles. I’ve changed my mind. I can bring my iPad or computer (which I was able to use on the tray table with no difficulties – take THAT, Frontier) and do without the streaming live TV. Think about it, would you rather have a reasonably comfortable chair with a small TV or would you like an LED 85 inch screen with digital sound but need to sit and watch it on a wooden folding chair?

I’m afraid that my revelation has come too late since JetBlue has already started to replace these old interiors with new, thinner seats. Renovating the entire A320 fleet takes time, almost three years, so until then you won’t know which interior you’re going to get until you step onto the plane. I’ll have my finger’s crossed for grandpa’s old recliner every time from now on.

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