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Remember Tom From MySpace? Come See How He Is Enjoying Life As He Travels Around The World!

by SharonKurheg

If you’re older than 30 or so, you’ll probably remember the heyday of MySpace, a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos.


MySpace was the largest social networking site in the world from 2005 to 2008 (that’s when Facebook took over that title). It’s actually still around, but Tom Anderson, its co-founder and original President (and everyone’s “first” friend on MySpace), sold the company in 2005.


Tom apparently got into photography around 2011 or so, and because he sold MySpace for $580 million, has been traveling the world ever since, taking pictures. But they’re good. I mean REALLY good. Take a look:

Note: All the below photos are from Tom’s Instagram account.


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Lately I’ve been meeting a lot of “lost” people that seem to suffer from a crisis of confidence. I’m trying to help where I can. You don’t always have to understand the path forward. It’s OK to be lost at times. Crisis begets growth. In fact, some research shows that crisis is one of the few things that can really change us after age 25. If you’re feeling this way, just know that things can change in a moment — a chance occurrence can change your life forever. In the meantime, fill your brain with good ideas, follow the signs that life is sending to you, be open to what’s possible. If you’re doing OK in life right now, give your smile and empathy to strangers and friends. We never know what someone is going through. What does all this have to do with this photo? Haha well, I suppose this photo gives me a feeling of hope and a reminder that life, despite its conflicts, is always a beautiful thing. 😀🌎📷🤙

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This place felt like a dream; the more I visit a place, usually I want to move on, and see some place new. With this river, not far from Cebu, I want to go back! Visiting the Philippines, it feels like you discover more and more every time. I guess that’s how things work when a country has 7,000 islands! This spot is fairly well known…. Just imagine what’s out there the more you explore. I’ve been asking my friends lately… Why do you travel? 🌎For me, it started through photography. Before photography, I mostly wanted to live in foreign places—I wasn’t big into visiting or sightseeing; I was never much of a traveller until I picked up a camera. 📷 I’m curious to hear your thoughts. 🤔 BTS:FYI: another shot from my Google Pixel phone (not the new one).

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Just back from the Maldives…. All I can say is wow! Such a beautiful place. 🌴🌏🔥We flew over many beautiful islands to get to our own spot at the @conrad_maldives. The entire region is gorgeous. In You can get a stunning perspective from the sky. Here’s a drone shot I took on the first day we were there. Why did I leave this paradise so soon? I was rushing back to LA because I was scheduled to record some of the first episodes of a new podcast I’m working on. I went straight from 15 hours of flying (and 25 hours of traveling) to the @podcastone studio 🎤🎥 to interview @rsdtyler This man is a dynamo, and hearing him riff on an idea or question brought to mind a quote I jotted down during my flight: “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.“ I’m working out a trip giveaway to the very resort I stayed at… I’lll post details on how to win soon! 😀

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Crazy!! 😍 One thing I like about a shot like this – besides the lava – is that it clearly a singular moment in time. 🕰The water, wave, lava, rocks, fumes will never look like this again; it didn’t even look like this just a few seconds after this photo. Each shot is unique, and it’s amazing to see the literal formation of our Earth. 🌎 Makes ya think, now doesn’t it! 🤔Anyway, Love me some lava! 🔥I went into zen mode at 4am this morning and processed this lava shot from the Big Island, Hawaii. It was quite difficult, but fun to manage the light in this shot—adjusting, dodging and burning so its not too hot in any one area. Lava does not want to be photographed, I’ll tell ya! 📷The dynamic range on a shot like this — from the very bright spots areas to the darkest shadows — is very extreme, and not something the camera can handle easily. It took a bit of wrangling to get it to look like this, but I’m really satisfied with the results. 🤗 Half the fun of photography for me is turning on some music and sitting down with the computer to polish an image like this. Recently I’ve been talking with a friend who’s convinced me to put some of my photos in an art gallery, book and store… It’s just the beginning phases, and I haven’t done the work needed to prepare the photos, but I spent the time and attention on this image with that thought in mind. I’d like to see this one in print 🙂 📷🌅

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Northern Lights, Iceland. I think there’s three or four things everyone should experience in nature: northern lights, ice caves, and lava, I think I forgot one. Oh my memory! I’ll update this post if I remember. Haha. This shot was taken on an earlier Iceland trip, not the one I just completed. (Yes, I flew home to LA today!) But this photo got me thinking: whoever wins the Iceland giveaway I announced yesterday should choose to go in the winter, then they can see two of my top 3 in nature. Maybe even 3 if some Iceland volcano acts up soon 🙂 Northern Lights are truly crazy to behold… Its different every time, and the strength and visibility can vary widely. I’ve even seen it strong enough for the lights to appear before its fully dark. So bright I captured it on my cel phone! (But then I lost the cel phone with the pics on it a few days later.. doh!) Anyway… Northern Lights are not to be missed! And Iceland is an awesome place to see them!

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Gorgeous stuff, huh? Seriously…check out his Instagram. He’s done some AWESOME work in his travels!

If you want to see what else MySpace Tom’s been doing, he’s actually still on MySpace, and is on Facebook, as well. You can also check out his Twitter account. Oh, and apparently he occasionally likes to troll Facebook ;-).

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