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This Has Got To Be One Of THE MOST FUN Things You Could Ever Do In An Airport

by SharonKurheg

For some people, airports are fun. If you don’t fly very often, every step of the experience can feel new and fresh (OK, OK, you can exclude the TSA checkpoint. But y’know, if you get TSA Pre-Check, even that become a breeze!), and you can have a really great time experiencing  the shopping, the restaurants and everything in between.

If you’re a well-traveled person, being in an airport is, well, significantly less of a novelty. After all, if you’ve seen one Hudson News, Sbarro Pizza or automatic toilet seat cover, you’ve seen them all. Even going to the lounges, although admittedly nicer than sitting by the gate, seem to have a ho-hum sameness (except the Delta Lounge at MCO – are they EVER going to update it from its early 1990s decor?!?!?!) after a while. Unless you’re at THIS airport…

Changi Airport, in Singapore, has been voted World’s Best Airport for 6 years running (it’s the first airport to win that many times in a row since the awards began in 2000), and has also won Best Airport for Leisure Amenities, a title it’s held since that award category was introduced in 2009. And no wonder – it has a movie theater…

Terminal 3 - Transit - Snooze Lounge

Napping beds

Terminal 3 - Transit - Snooze Lounge


Terminal 2 - Transit - Orchid Garden (Koi Pond)

And a rooftop pool

Terminal 3 - Transit - Snooze Lounge


You guys! They have an INDOOR SLIDE!!!


But it’s not just any slide. Nope…it’s 4 stories tall and you can reach speeds up to 6 meters (about 19 feet) per second. AND it’s free! Well, sort of. For every $10 spent at Changi Airport in a single same day receipt (not including money changing facilities, medical clinics, top-up card and Crowne Plaza Hotel receipts), visitors can redeem one ride, up to a maximum of 10 rides per receipt on the same day.

Here’s a video of how they built Changi Airport’s slide (which also happens to be Singapore’s tallest slide), and an idea of what it’s like to ride it.

Participants must be between 1.3 meters and 2.0 meters. That’s roughly between 4’3″ and 6’6″. Holy cow, little me makes the cut by THREE WHOLE INCHES! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make a reservation to fly to Singapore…;-)

** A huge thank-you to David P., who gave us the heads up about this story!

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