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Couple Caught On Video Joining The Mile High Club – While In Their Own Seats!

by SharonKurheg

Heads up y’all…the video in this post is NSFW. Just telling you now.

So apparently there was a flight on Silver Airways and a woman’s parents had the next-to-last row on the plane. I guess they heard or felt something behind them? So they used their phone in selfie mode to videotape what was going on. The got the footage and sent it to their daughter, who tweeted this…

Again – WARNING – this video material is for adults only and is NSFW!

The funny part is you can see, when they pan the camera, no one else on the plane seemed to have a clue of what was going on in the back row. Well, except maybe the guy across the aisle from the entwined couple, who seemed VERY focused on looking out the window and not turning his head towards the action to his right. There didn’t even seem to be any flight attendants anywhere…although maybe that’s why the couple was taking that golden opportunity for the ultimate in adulting to begin with.

As per the Daily Mail, Silver Airways confirmed the video was indeed taken on one of its flights. They haven’t confirmed that the video is authentic, but did note that the airline didn’t condone the behavior.

There have been plenty of documented incidents of people joining the Mile High Club, albeit more often in the plane’s lavatory.  But I suspect this is the first time there’s been video footage of same. Ummm….hooray for modern technology? Whatever the case, let this be a lesson to anyone reading this – if you’re ever in the mood for some bow chicka bow bow while on a plane and in your seat, just….don’t. There are better ways to go viral. 😉

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