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Delta Airlines Is Giving These Out & I Love Them For It!

by SharonKurheg

While flying back home from NYC a few weeks ago, I was in line for Boarding Group 1 (click here for a funny story about that), when the Delta customer service agent, an outgoing, friendly guy in his 50s, came within the queues, stopping right next to a little girl who was maybe about 3y/o. She was very cute…blonde hair, blue eyes and with some awesome Sketchers that were rainbow colored, bedazzled with rhinestones and had lights that lit up when she walked. He made this announcement:

“I have something special for anyone here who is wearing sparkly shoes. Do we have anyone here with sparkly shoes?”

3y/o’s mom: Skylar, you have sparkly shoes!
Skylar: Hey, I have sparkly shoes!

And so, of course, the guy made a big deal of Skylar’s sparkly shoes and then gave her a kids’ coloring book.

Not to be outdone…;-)

Me: Hey, I have sparkly shoes too! (Because I’m a wise ass and because I really did have sparkly shoes on – granted, no rhinestones, bedazzling or lights, but lots of silver sparkles that change color from green to purple, depending on the angle/light – fringe benefit of having the size foot of a 6-year-old).

Delta Dude: Oh? Well, I have something else for you, then!

He went back to his podium and came back with this:

Photo Mar 29, 5 24 39 PM

You guys, this book he gave me is THIRTY PAGES of various word searches, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, coloring, mazes and word scrambles! It is most definitely NOT for little kids,  I thought it was pretty darn cool and it made my day!

Photo Mar 29, 5 25 10 PM

Kudos to Delta for this! Well, until the next time they do something to make me mad, LOLOL!

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