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Disney’s Roller Coasters: Technology + Safety + Capacity = Fascinating!

by SharonKurheg

Disney theme parks around the world are known for their variety of innovative attractions that run the gamut from The Haunted Mansion to Test Track to Mission: Space to Soarin’ Around the World. The Disney parks also have their share of roller coasters, although not nearly as many as theme parks such as Cedar Point or the various Six Flags branded parks. But, of course, regardless of how many coasters Disney has, the safety of their guests is their #1 concern. And to keep their guests happy by not having to wait on queues for too long, they also have to keep capacity up to a certain level. And on top of all that, have you ever just sat and wondered about the technology to make all of this work relatively flawlessly? Well, read on…

Alec Watson, the host of Technology Connections, is a self-described nerd who has always been, “deeply intrigued by the workings of the machines and devices around us, and it’s culminated in an eccentric knowledge base of gadgetry and gizmonology–and an equally eccentric collection of doo-dads and what’s-its.” He has covered topics such as the history of laserdiscs (including why the flopped), how twinkling Christmas lights work, and GE’s bizarre early attempts at building a CFL lightbulb. Interesting stuff if you’re nerdy or just have general interest in how things work.

Anyway, not long ago, he produced a video that explained how Disney coasters such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Expedition Everest worked, as well as how they keep them safe while keeping capacity as high as possible. Personally, I found it FASCINATING! I hope you will, too!

Pretty cool, huh?

A HUGE thank-you to John K. for the heads up about this!

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