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How To Get Discounted Disney & Other Theme Park Tickets From Your Employer

by joeheg

Getting discounted tickets to Disney, Universal & other theme parks is pretty hard to do. We’ve written about some of the ways you can get legitimate reduced price tickets as well as listed the things you shouldn’t do. Imagine how surprised I was that one perfectly legal and ethical way to get cheaper theme park tickets was right under my nose; I could get them from my employer.

Now I’m not talking about the golden days of the long-gone Magic Kingdom Club program, where you could get discounted Disney World hotel packages with park tickets, dining tickets and entertainment vouchers for huge discounts. It’s been over fifteen years since that program was eliminated and I missed it so much when it went away.

Magic Kingdom Club

(Note from Sharon: I had NO IDEA Joe had kept that card, LOLOL!)

One day at work, I was looking through the pages of our corporate hub and saw a link that was named a very vague, “Employee Purchase and Discount Program.” One of the options was for PerkSpot. Looking at their website, PerkSpot organizes discounts from everything from cell phone plans to cable TV subscriptions to gym memberships to electronics stores to travel providers to much more, and gives employers an easy way to provide these discounts to their employees. They have several large corporations that use their services, such as Starbucks, Walgreens and Southwest Airlines, among others.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.55.14 PM

I dug around the website a little and found a listing for “Tickets & Entertainment.” That led me to the website for Tickets at Work, where they prominently listed discounts for Walt Disney World and Disneyland tickets.

It’s important to mention that to have access to this website, your employer has to be affiliated with them. If you work for a large company, I suggest you check your employee benefits website or call your employee relations department to see if they partner with Tickets at Work. You can also call Tickets at Work directly at 1-800-331-6483.

How much cheaper are the tickets? 

I checked  prices on the Walt Disney World website to get the regular price and compared that to tickets on Undercover Tourist and Tickets at Work

Disney.com Undercover Tourist Tickets at Work
WDW 5 Day Park Hopper Ticket – Adult $473.93 $449.95 $466.95*
WDW 3 Day Park Hopper Ticket – Adult $371.69 $361.95 $359.39
Disneyland 2 Day Park Hopper – Adult $261.88 Not Available $256.54

For the Walt Disney World tickets, Undercover Tourist was cheaper for a 5 day park hopper pass but Tickets at Work was the cheapest for the 3 day pass. There is a asterisk next to the Tickets at Work price for the 5 day park hopper because of the following offer on their website:


So if you were to buy the 5 day park hopper from Tickets at Work, you would actually be getting 7 day admission ticket for the same price. If you were going for 7 days, that would be worth the $16 more than Undercover Tourist’s price because you’d get two extra park days!


By . The original uploader was FA Jon at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Undercover Tourist doesn’t appear to sell Disneyland tickets so the only comparison I had was between Tickets at Work and Disneyland.com. The Tickets at Work price is about five dollars less that buying directly from Disney. I guess because that’s not a big savings, they also throw in a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate which may be valuable to you if there are any good places near you that are on the program (there aren’t any nearby places we would go to).

Can you trust this company?

Based on their partnerships, this doesn’t look to be some fly-by-night organization. On a personal note, we used them to purchase our Disneyland tickets. Within an hour of placing the order online, I received an email with our tickets. This wasn’t a voucher, but a real ticket we could take to the turnstile. I did one better and scanned the bar code into the Disneyland app and it recognized the ticket and added it to our account instantly.

Tickets at Work doesn’t just sell Disney Tickets. They appear to sell tickets for almost every theme park in the United States.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.57.17 PM

They also sell theater tickets for Broadway, touring shows and Las Vegas. I almost bought our tickets for Cirque du Soleil LOVE when were there but I was able to get a better discount through the casino’s own program.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 11.01.36 PM.png

Final Thoughts

I never really thought my employer would have a link to get me cheaper Disney theme park tickets. Tickets at Work seems to have some good discounts on things that aren’t usually discounted and gives some big discounts at places where you tend to see specials. I don’t think they’ll always be the absolute lowest price but I’m definitely going to check them out the next time I need to buy admission or theater tickets.

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The nea for school employees goes thought ticket works found out about this when planning this years vacation


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