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Tickets On Sale Now For Museum of Ice Cream

by SharonKurheg

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.04.14 PM.pngThe Museum of Ice cream is a pop up that has been taking Instagram by storm since mid-2016 (so far about 100,000 posts have included the hashtag #MuseumOfIceCream). An interactive (hello, 5 sense INCLUDING taste!) exhibit that celebrates all that is cold, sweet and creamy, it’s opened in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco (oftentimes with frequent extensions of how long it stays open – as of this writing, Los Angeles will stay open into this month and San Francisco will now remain open until February 2018) and the newest installation is opening next week!

So gather your frequent flyer miles cuz the Museum of Ice Cream is ready to serve you in Miami!

So what IS the Museum of Ice Cream? Welp, this is what their website says:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 9.09.38 PM

It’s part art exhibit, part interactive experience, part fun and part yummy. There are photo ops galore, as well as a pool of 7000 sprinkles you can climb through (Think ball pit, but with jimmies. And nope, they’re not real – that’d get way too sticky. They’re plastic.). Details of the Miami installation have not been revealed yet but a local news station was able to get a sneak peek earlier this week. Click on the link below to see the news report on their visit:


Celebrities have been hitting the Museum of Ice Cream quite a bit so it’s not difficult to find photos of Adele’s, Usher’s, Katy Perry’s, Kim Kardashian’s and Beyonce’s visits on social media. Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mr. Robot” even visited the New York installation earlier this year. “The experience that celebrities have is the same as the experience that everyone has here,” said Manish Vora, the museum’s co-founder. “There’s no separate experience here. Everyone’s experiencing the same thing, that same childhood delight.”

The Museum of Ice Cream will open in Miami on December 13 and is currently scheduled to only be open through January 22. Tickets are $38 per person (all ages from age 3+) and if you’re wondering if ice cream is included, well, as Vera says, “The question is whether you can handle the amount of ice cream we give you.” Tickets are non-transferable and must be ordered in advance.  Click here for more info.

Thanks to Jennifer M. for the heads up about this topic!

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