Ghosts, Orbs & The Paranormal: Visiting Haunted Locations

One of my guilty pleasures is watching ghost hunting shows. I DVR episodes of Ghost Adventures (and previously Ghost Hunters – may the show R.I.P.) and snuggle with our dog on the bed while I listen to the EVPs and slamming doors. I’ve even gotten to the point where I can hear the spirit voices before they replay them with the subtitles. I think I like watching these shows because I’m pretty sure I used to live in a house where I had some spiritual co-inhabitants. It was a house built in 1928 on the farmland of one of the city founders. I never felt anything evil or menacing, just a occasional presence over my shoulder, watching what I was doing. There was also the times where lights I know I turned off were back on. Not just once or twice, but more like a weekly occurrence. I really noticed the difference when I moved and the feeling of being watched was gone. It was the strangest thing and it’s impossible to describe if you’ve never experienced it.

Alas, Sharon doesn’t share my enthusiasm in ghosts and the paranormal, but over the years, I’ve managed to get her to go to a number of haunted locations. Some of them because they had other appeal to her tastes and other times we were led there as part of a tour package. I didn’t care, we were going ghost hunting!

Savannah, GA

There’s something about old southern towns that seem to attract the spirits. They also seem to have the best background stories to go along with the hauntings.

We both love Savannah so I was able to get Sharon to agree to go on a ghost tour. This was not one of our best tours as the guide seemed obsessed with us taking pictures and then looking at them for spirits in the form of orbs. This took half the time of the tour and it seems like all of our picture looked like this. There was supposed to be some image in these windows of the Pirate House. Nothing I see in there.




We did some touring of historic houses and heard way more ghost stories on our own. We just were walking around and saw the Owens-Thomas House. That house was way creepier than anything we experienced on our tour the night before.

Not all tours are the same and you should try to find a little about them before heading out for the evening.

Killarney, Ireland

Our next ghost tour was on a visit to Ireland. In Killarney, we went our on a night tour to visit an old abbey and the adjoining graveyard.


This tour had a combination of ghost stories, eerie surroundings and depictions of current activity in the area.

Some of the areas that were supposed to feel haunted felt totally fine.


While I actually felt that at certain times of the tour there was something behind me. I even turned around once or twice and snapped some quick shots. I can’t see anything in them but maybe you can?


Port Arthur, Australia

This was another ghost tour we went to as part of a tour. It was already dark when we were walking around and I wasn’t taking any pictures. However I did find this Ghost Hunters special that went to the same place we went on our tour. In fact, one of our guides is featured in the video. The jail house building did feel really uncomfortable but no one was attacked when we were visiting.

Alcatraz Island, CA


The last haunted location I’ve been able to get Sharon to visit was Alcatraz. It was’t hard to get her to visit because she loves to visit old jails. So we both had our reasons and we ended up splitting up for part of our tour.

This was the first haunted location I’ve visited after watching an investigation on TV. I had just watched Ghost Adventures episode where they stayed on the island overnight so I just had had to visit some of the locations from the show.


I went into cells 13 and 14 from the isolation area. While the area was very uncomfortable, I don’t know if it was because of any spirits, because I was expecting to feel something or just because it was a jail cell.



Visiting haunted locations can be fun. If you go in with the correct mindset and have a good guide, it can be a interesting experience. If not, it could be several hours of your life that you’ll never get back. I’d try to find out ahead of time if the tour is more interested in investigations or more into the spooky history of the locations. Pick one that’s more in line with your interests and you’ll enjoy your tour much more.

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