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Sign Up For The “One Two Free” Promotion from National Car Rental and Get a Free Day after Two Rentals

by joeheg

I usually don’t worry too much about earning car rental points. I sign up for all the programs but I’m not frequent enough of a renter to make it worthwhile to collect rental points, so I credit my rentals to earn airline miles instead.

However, the current promotion from National is one that can be useful if you’re going to rent a car from them at least twice between August 24, 2017 and February 28, 2018.

National’s One Two Free rental promotion is one of the most popular car rental offers out there and most people who rent cars regularly are excited at its return. In essence,  the promotion will give you one free rental day after two rentals of a mid-size car or larger for two days or more. Earning a free rental day normally costs 600 points and during this promotion each two day rental will earn you earn 300 points. So two rentals will earn 600 points, enough for a free rental day and from which comes the name of the promotion “One Two Free.”

It’s necessary to register for this promotion before your rental – you can do so at this link.

Besides the points for each two day rental, National also gives extra points for specific activities. Here are my opportunities:

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.35.20 PM

I don’t think that I’ll be able to accomplish any of these (Sharon forbids us from renting a car outside of the U.S.). (Edit from Sharon: No, I forbid you us from renting a car where they drive on the other side of the road. If you want to rent a car in Canada, go right ahead!)

While this promotion can be lucrative if you rent cars frequently, for the occasional renter it isn’t worth paying more to change a rental to National just to take part in the promotion. I’ve registered for the promotion because I have a rental already planned with National. Who knows, I might rent from them again before Feb 28th and earn a free rental day. Even if I don’t get enough points for a free day, in the past if you haven’t earned enough points from one promotion, they’ll roll them over to the next one so it doesn’t hurt to enroll.

There is a wonderful post at The Gate that goes into more detail about this promotion than I ever could.

While I’m not a frequent renter of cars, I know several of my readers might be. Hopefully you can take advantage of this offer to get some of the “free’ out of the One, Two Free promotion.

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