Man Accidentally Shoots Self At Orlando Airport

There’s a list of things you are NOT supposed to do at the airport. You are not allowed to bring liquids larger than 3 oz. in your carry on bags. You should not talk about bombs, explosives or any similar topics around the secure area. Well, can now add to that list:
you should not be a Federal Agent who brings your firearm with you on vacation and then accidentally drop said firearm, thereby shooting yourself in the foot while reaching for it.

On August 1st, a federal agent who was on vacation to Orlando accidentally dislodged his pistol while “unslinging a shoulder bag” and when the weapon was falling, he tried to catch the firearm and “inadvertently pulled the trigger.”

Orlando Airport Atrium – Hyatt Regency

The bullet apparently ripped a gash of several inches in the carpet under a bench near the atrium’s fountain. As per the Orlando Sentinel:

First officers and then passengers photographed the tear; it was soon covered with a large, potted plant. The police statement said the bullet was recovered a few feet from the spot of the shooting.

A police spokeswoman later said that as with other law-enforcement personnel, the wounded agent was allowed to fly with a loaded gun with proper documentation.

…The victim sat in a wheelchair while being treated by paramedics. His heel was bandaged and a nearby gauze pad was stained with a small amount of blood.

He was able to walk to a stretcher to be taken to a hospital.

Here is a local new story from WFTV on the event:

I was just walking though that airport last night and while I’m concerned about the agent who suffered a gunshot wound from his own firearm, I’m also incredibly thankful no one else was injured in this incident. There are few things more dangerous than an uncontrolled firearm and this situation could have ended with a terrible outcome; one much worse than a gunshot wound to the heel and some damaged carpeting. I’m sure this is not the end of the story for the agent involved but will most likely be the end of the news coverage for us in the Orlando area.

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