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Why You Need To Take Advantage of AMEX Offers

by joeheg

If you have an American Express card and don’t take advantage of AMEX offers, you may be leaving hundreds of dollars a year on the table. AMEX Offers are targeted promotions on your American Express account. If you register for the offer, AMEX will give you money back, or extra points, when you use your card at that merchant. Common examples are to get $10 back when you spend $50 or double Membership Rewards points for purchases for the next 3 months. Since many AMEX cards come with an annual fee, taking advantage of these offers is a wonderful way to offset the cost of the card.

If you have multiple accounts with AMEX, you need to check your account for each of your cards because there may be different offers on each one. If you’re lucky enough to have a really good offer show up on multiple cards, you can sign up for the offer on each card but it gets a little tricky (more on this later in the article). If you have multiple cards on the same account (i.e. spouse, children, parents) you can get AMEX offers on those cards, as well. For example, Sharon has the AMEX Everyday Preferred card and I also have a card for the same account under my name. I can sign up for AMEX offers on my authorized user card in addition to the same offer that showed up on her account. This allows us to take advantage of a great offer twice. More details about the AMEX offers program can be found at http://www.amexoffers.com.

The easiest way to find out what offers you have is to log into your American Express account. Go ahead, log into your American Express account. We’ll wait. Look on the bottom of your account page and you’ll see your AMEX Offers and Benefits (make sure to click on “Load More” to show all offers). Before you get all excited and click “Add to Card,” it’s important to know that you need to register for your offers BEFORE you use them. You can’t just shop somewhere and then go to add the offer. On my account I have over 100 offers listed for my American Express Platinum card alone. Make sure and tab through all of your cards for your offers. Here’s just some of the offers I have in May 2017:

Hampton by Hilton & Hilton Garden Inn – Spend $175 or more, get $35 back (we already have a stay planned at a Hilton Garden Inn so this is free money to us)


If you spend more than $175 at Hilton Garden Inn, like this one on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, AMEX Offers will pay you $35 back. (photo courtesy of Hilton Garden Inn website)

Roy’s Restaurant – Spend $100 or more, get $20 back

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – Spend $50 or more, get $10 back 

Miller’s Ale House – Florida – Spend $30 or more, get $10 back

Embassy Suites & Homewood Suites – Spend $225 or more, get $45 back

Hampton by Hilton & Hilton Garden Inn – Spend $175 or more, get $35 back

Seasons 52 – Spend $50+, get 1,000 Membership Rewards® Points. Up to 2x

Restaurant - Seasons 52

I’m pretty sure we are going to Seasons 52, one of our favorite restaurants, twice in the next few months. When we do, we will earn an extra 1,000 points each time we spend over $50. (photo courtesy of Seasons 52)

Brio Tuscan Grille – Spend $50 or more, get $10 back

Splitsville Bowling and Dining – Spend $50 or more, get $10 back

Undercover Tourist – Spend $150 or more, get $30 back (This is a great way to save money on tickets to Disney World)

Hotels.com Gift Card – Spend $50 or more, get $10 back

HotelStorm.com/Amex – Spend $200 or more, get $50 back

MGM Resorts Intl – Las Vegas – Spend $300 or more, get $60 back

And on my business card I had these additional offers:

Office Depot OfficeMax – Spend $50 or more, get $10 back

Staples – Spend $100 or more, get $20 back

I plan on taking advantage of the offers at Seasons 52, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Hampton by Hilton, Hotel Storm, Office Depot and Staples. Just with those offers, I’ll get back $165 and I’ll also earn AMEX Membership Rewards points.

AmOffersPreviously, there have been some really super AMEX offers like getting $50 back for spending $200 with AT&T that I had on several of our cards. There was another offer that reimbursed $30 after you paid $300 in insurance premiums.

These offers really can pay off if you have multiple AMEX cards with the same offer. The problem is that once you accept an offer on one AMEX card, it will disappear and you can’t sign up for the offer on your other cards. The way around this problem is to use multiple tabs or browsers; that procedure is described here. Learning this trick only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars.

I know that some readers might not spend $50 on a single purchase a restaurant; here’s the solution if you’re willing to get creative. Buy a $50 gift card (at the location); you can use the gift card for your purchase and then save the balance for the future. Just make sure not to lose the card. I use the gift card trick to cash in offers  I can’t use right away. I plan on getting several $50 gift cards from Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and pay for each one with a different AMEX card to maximize the current offer.

New AMEX offers are loaded all the time and it can be difficult to keep up. The website FrequentMiler gives a heads up when new offers are posted. They also give updates on current offers from banks, credit cards and other sources and I’d recommend following them. I really loved reading the saga of how he earned 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles and cashed them in to stay on Richard Branson’s private island.

AMEX Offers are, to me, free money. I make back the cost of the AMEX card and then some, with little to no extra effort. Spending a few minutes to learn how to maximize AMEX offers can save you a bunch in the long run. Has anyone else used AMEX offers before? How much have you saved? Have questions on how to sign up for these offers? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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