How we keep ourselves safe online when we’re traveling

The Points Guy website had a good article this week on how to keep yourself safe online. 

All of the tips in this article are worth considering, if you haven’t already. I already use some apps to keep myself protected online.

For a VPN, I’ve used WiTopia for around 3 years. It’s reasonably easy to set up and works with your laptop, tablet and smartphone. While I try not to log into any financial websites when I’m on a open wi-fi network, it sometimes is necessary. Being able to use a VPN, if needed,  lets me not worry as much about having my personal information stolen.

To keep my passwords in order, I use the product 1Password. With that, I can set secure passwords for each website and only have to remember one password to open the program. This 1Password has apps for Mac and Windows OS, browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox, as well as apps for iPhone and Android, allowing you to carry your passwords everywhere.



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