What To Do With A Couple Of Points Here & A Few Points There

There was a good article I read on Frugal Travel Guy’s website a while back that had to do with

What Should You Do With Your Leftover Hotel Points?

It’s a problem you’ll have to deal with after collecting points for a while. I currently have random point balances with Hilton, Hyatt, Choice Hotels, Marriott and La Quinta. Not enough points to book a room for a long stay but not so little than I’m willing to let the points expire. Hotel points can go bad if you don’t keep your account active and it’s best to keep track of your points so you don’t lose them.  I use AwardWallet to keep track of my points so that doesn’t happen.

If I have enough points for one night, I’ll look to see if I can use them up when we need a quick, overnight stay. I used La Quinta points to book a room in Tampa when we went to see Billy Joel in concert in 2014. We just needed a room, and that’s what we got.

I wasn’t a fan of the avocado green painted brick walls at the LaQuinta Tampa Bay Airport, but all we needed was a clean bed.

When I don’t have enough points for even a one night stay, I have to determine if it’s worth the effort to keep the points alive. I almost always answer yes to that question because it’s usually not that difficult to do. Since rules for each plan differ, I go to the internet to find acceptable ways to have some account activity. There are multiple resources with seeming endless ways available to keep your points from expiring.

So while the article above does mention left over points, I always seem to have a use for 1 night in a hotel. It’s more of an issue when I have orphan points that I want to keep from expiring that takes a little more effort to manage. More recently, there have been ways to donate your miles to help others, and that’s always a favored option.


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