Meet AwardWallet: the website to keep your miles and points organized.

This website will become your best friend when you are collecting miles and points.

One of the most helpful tools I’ve found to keep track of all my miles and points accounts is AwardWallet. With their website and apps for iPhone or Android, you are able to track all of the balances of your airline, hotel, credit card, rental car and many other types of program balances (678 and counting). Trust me, it can become addicting hitting refresh and watching to see if your balances have increased. AwardWallet can track balances for multiple family members but most importantly it will notify you if your balances are due to expire. The worst thing for a miles and points junkie is for their hard earned points to waste away, unused.

….and these are just the airlines I have accounts with. I’m one who admits I need help keeping all this organized. Sharon is good, but she’s not *that* good…plus she doesn’t care 😉

I am mentioning this because I think AwardWallet has always been a seriously underpriced offering. When I started, you only had to pay whatever you wanted to upgrade to the premium version. Since then, they have suggested you pay $10 for a year. That is still a bargain and an amount I’ve been willing to pay. But now it’s going up.

I’m giving a hat tip to Gary at the website A View from the Wing for posting that the price increase, which was supposed to happen on February 1st, has been postponed for 2 weeks. This means you can still get in on the $10 annual pricing before it goes up to $30 on February 15th.  If you are going to get into collecting miles and points, pay the $10 now!  I still think the service they offer is worth the $30 they will soon charge. However, since you can still pay the lower price as long as you sign up now, why not do so?

If you want to sign up, feel free to use my link. I’d be very thankful if you did.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions on how to sign up and track your programs.

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